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Cuisine: Hungarian
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1 Restaurant in Aberdeen: Hungarian

Hungarian restaurants in Aberdeen offer great meals, drinks and welcome

Known for its high number of golf courses and for being the home to Scotland's oldest bridge, Aberdeen is also a great place to come into contact with a wide variety of different cultures and cuisines. Hungarian restaurants in Aberdeen offer an opportunity to sample a wide range of hearty and wholesome dishes. With dishes like főzelék and töltött káposzta on offer all year round, you’re sure to find something that will help you make a meal of it.

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Goulash Aberdeen

City Centre
Goulash Aberdeen
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    Hungarian restaurants in Aberdeen offer hearty, healthy meals

    At Hungarian restaurants in Aberdeen, you are almost certain to find some kind of Goulash on the menu. The dish originates from the northern parts of the Great Hungarian Plain and, like many of the dishes that make up Hungarian cuisine, it’s made with meat. Other examples of meaty Hungarian dishes include pörkölt, a thick stew that’s often made with beef but can also be made from pork, lamb, chicken, pork or liver. Another traditional favourite is halászle – known as fisherman's soup – which features spicy paprika combined with carp or mixed river fish.
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    Enjoy great desserts at Aberdeen's Hungarian restaurants

    While many of the dishes found in Aberdeen's selection of Hungarian restaurants are made from wholesome and savoury ingredients, those looking for something sweet to top off the meal are also catered to. Choose from great options such as the traditional dobos cake, which is a sponge cake layered with chocolate paste and glazed with caramel and nuts, and Sutemeny Rigo Jancsi, a rich chocolate mousse cake. These sweet treats are just some of the delicious desserts on offer at Hungarian restaurants in Aberdeen.
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    Enjoy the great atmosphere in Aberdeen's Hungarian restaurants

    Enjoy a meal in one of Aberdeen’s Hungarian restaurants and you’ll also have an opportunity to try some of the great drinks that come from Hungary. Hungarian wines hail from 22 distinct regions and include options ranging from the crisp and aromatic Egri Csillag to savoury and fierce Juhfark. Or you can try a little Pálinka, an alcoholic drink native to Hungary that is made from fruit or pomace, and relax as you let your experience in a Hungarian restaurant in Aberdeen unfold.