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Restaurants in Bath

Bath: restaurants, beauty, history

Anybody who has ever been to Bath will appreciate it as not just one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, but one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe, too. Known of course for being the only place in the UK where you can bathe in natural hot springs, for its original, Roman-era baths and, of course, for its seemingly endless array of Georgian architecture, for anybody who has never been to Bath, we urge you to visit this UNESCO World Heritage site at once. But we’re all here for food, right? Which is good, because restaurants in Bath are quite something to behold. Bath’s restaurants are often independent, unique and creative with their concepts yet time-tested and utterly delicious. Restaurants in Bath are, to put it simply, worth getting excited about.

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Côte Bath

City Centre

Bath Sushi

City Centre

La Perla

City Centre
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Pulteney Bridge Restaurant

City Centre


City Centre

Bear Flat Tandoori

City Centre

Ponte Vecchio

City Centre

The Raven

City Centre

The Mint Room – Bath

City Centre

Ring O Bells, Widcombe


Be At One Bath

City Centre

Indian Temptation

City Centre

Koh Thai Tapas Bath

City Centre
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    Eating, drinking and relaxing at cafes and restaurants in Bath

    You may be unsurprised to hear that Bath is a city that likes to relax, and food and drink are essential parts of that. If you find yourself in need of a refuel while you’re strolling around the sights then you’ll struggle to go wrong with one of Bath’s artisan cafes. These aren’t restaurants yes, but you can certainly expect high-quality coffee that’s been brewed by barristers who know their stuff, as well as cafe fare – very much a cuisine in itself these days – to nibble on. Two other, wonderfully British dining traditions are available to you via Bath’s cafes and restaurants and those are the afternoon tea and the pub lunch. If you’ve had or are going to have a few hours at the spas, there’s no way to fill yourself up more fittingly than tea and scones or perhaps a hearty plate of beef wellington or gammon, egg and chips.
  2. 2.

    Bath’s restaurants offer refinery, too, if the occasion demands

    If your occasion or, heck, even just your day demands a little refinery, then the fine restaurants of Bath will certainly deliver (not literally). Refinery these days of course comes in the shape of the Michelin Man and in Bath you’ll find restaurants wearing their Michelin stars with absolute pride – two of them, to be precise, which considering Bath’s relatively small size is quite a genuine accomplishment. Past the starred establishments, restaurants in Bath feature heavily in the Michelin Guide year after year. The cuisine they offer varies a lot but you’ll find most of Bath’s Michelin restaurants concentrated around the city centre – with a few more out towards Bradford-on-Avon – with many peppered conveniently around the hotspots for residents as well as visitors.
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    Restaurants in Bath love it local

    Another string to Bath’s bow is that it’s home to the UK’s first ever farmer’s market, which means, of course, that Bath and its restaurants are very, and rightly proud of their produce. The independent restaurants of Bath love to make the most of everything that’s produced here in the rolling countryside of Southwest England, from glorious cheddar cheeses right through to ales and ciders. Things don’t stop there, as plenty of cafes and restaurants in Bath – particularly if you’ve reserved your table for lunch time – will proudly serve local delicacies such as the legendary, yet still rather mysterious Sally Lunn Bun, the sweet and delicious Bath bun and, of course, Bath Chaps, a frankly artery-clogging treat made from the lower part of pig cheeks, often cured like bacon. All of these plus plenty more can be found ready and waiting to be tried at the annual Great Bath Feast, a fantastic local event that many of Bath’s restaurants contribute to and take influence from.
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    So then, what’s your tipple?

    All that talk of local produce and only a passing mention of cider and ale. How rude we’ve been. When you dine at certain Bath restaurants you’ll very likely see a strong showing from local tipples – wines, ales and even gins – that are just about the best thing a bar can be stocked full of, if you ask us. Yep, Bath is home to a number of wine producers, one or two gin distilleries and more craft breweries than you might care to shake a stick at. You can visit most of these directly, of course, but we’d say it’s far more fun to enjoy your tipple with some fine food at a cosy Bath restaurant, surrounded by damn good company. What’ll yours be?
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    Reserve your Bath restaurant of choice with Quandoo

    And that’s that, folks – our quick little run down of what you can expect from restaurants in Bath and dining out in what is without doubt one of the most charming cities we know. Quandoo has rather a large handful of the best restaurants Bath has to offer, and each can be booked quickly with not one bit of fuss. Filter what you fancy by district, cuisine, rating or price, choose the restaurant for you then go and enjoy. Do remember to leave a review after your meal as well, we and the rest of the community can’t wait to hear how you get on. Enjoy!