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Italian Restaurants in Bath

Bath’s Italian restaurant scene

For a long while now, gourmands have been flocking to Bath to sample the many Michelin star restaurants, artisan bakers and street-food style eateries. But one cuisine in particular will always tug on the heartstrings of food-lovers around the world – Italian. This romantic, wholesome and passionate cuisine is loved worldwide and has inspired some of the best films, songs and books ever written. So it comes as no surprise then that one of the UK’s most romantic and historic cities is home to some of the country's very best Italian restaurants. Bath is home to an array of trattorias, pizzerias and fully fledged ristorantes, all just waiting for you to sample their impeccable dishes.

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Ponte Vecchio

City Centre

Da Vinci's


Pinocchio - Bournemouth

Town Centre
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La Lupa Ristorante & Pizzeria



City Centre

Bella Vita - Southampton

North Baddesley

Vincenzo's Pizza House & Restaurant

Bristol City Centre

Dolce Vita Poole


Leonardo La Piazza

City Centre

Al Gatto Nero

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    Where to go for the perfect pasta

    Of course when you think about Italian restaurants in Bath, pasta springs to mind. Heck, thinking about Italian food in general gets us thinking about a bowl of freshly made tagliatelle, spaghetti bolognese, ravioli filled with pumpkin in a brown butter sauce and… well, essentially any combination at all really. But which is Bath’s best Italian restaurant? Arguably Bath’s most famous Italian restaurant, Ponte Vecchio, located next to the famous Pulteney Bridge and River Avon is famous for its location and its outstanding dishes. Try their Sicilian sicula of paccheri with swordfish in a tomato sauce with pistachios and mint oil, or the l’ospite spaghetti chittara with a rich cream and egg yolk sauce with tiger prawns and julienne courgettes. Or if gnocchi is on your mind, head to Piattino on George Street to fill up on gnocchi per zola of handmade gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese, pears and walnuts. With so many wonderful dishes to try at Bath’s Italian restaurants, no matter where you find yourself, you’ll be in pasta heaven!
  2. 2.

    Pizza, a love like no other

    Whether you’re a traditionalist who sticks to toppings of tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil, or love a pizza topped with all the weird and wonderful vegetables and meats you can poke a stick at, the artists flipping the dough at the Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Bath have got you covered. You’ll find Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Bath opting for a traditional pizza, straight from Napoli where there is a very specific style of creating the dough, and they are very strict on using only mozzarella, tomatoes and basil – and douses of olive oil of course. These pizzas are traditional, delicious and fresh, in fact, we think the Bath Italian restaurants serve up some of the best pizzas outside of Italy. And it’s not only the traditional style either, you’ll be able to find delicious pizzas at Bath’s Italian restaurants with marinara toppings, delicious chicken, pesto, spinach and ricotta options, pizzas for the meat-lovers and vegans, and for those among us who are fancy, it’s hard to go past a pizza topped with wild mushrooms, goat’s cheese, parsley and truffle oil. Essentially, we advise you do yourself a favour and start working your way through them all.
  3. 3.

    Tiramisu… we love you

    Italian cuisine is known for many dishes. From the caprese salad with fresh tomatoes, basil and the freshest buffalo mozzarella you can find, to as we mentioned before, pizza and pasta that will blow you away, and tasty seafood dishes, rich and succulent meats and of course, the abundance of red wine that’s always flowing. And while all this is wonderful, finishing a meal in one of the Italian restaurants in Bath is not complete without dessert. From homemade tiramisu often made from a recipe passed down from generation to generation, to Sicilian cannoli, there really isn’t anything quite like an Italian dessert, accompanied of course by an Italian espresso. So do yourself a favour, take a gander at Quandoo’s selection of the best Italian restaurants in Bath, reserve a table and get that appetite ready! Buon Appetito!