1 Steakhouse in Belfast

A steakhouse in Belfast offers traditional dining options

A good steak dinner has always been a huge part of the European dining scene, particularly in Belfast. A throwback to the 1960s and 70s where meat and three vegetables were the most popular dinner option, the local steakhouse has taken this home-cooked food and developed it into a delicious, gourmet meal. The capital of Northern Ireland has long been an exciting culinary destination, and one of the best measures of a city's culinary prowess is how good the steaks are. Now, one of the most delicious options for food-lovers is to head to a steakhouse in Belfast, many of which offer more than just a slab of beef.

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Tony Roma's - Belfast

City Centre
Tony Roma's - Belfast
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    Enjoy a good steak at a Belfast steakhouse

    Delighting in using locally-sourced beef, lamb, chicken and vegetables, the ever-popular steakhouse in Belfast has become an elegant and sophisticated option for those looking for a great night out. The main course is often beef, perfectly cooked in several of the finest cuts, including sirloin, porterhouse and T-bone and topped with delicious sauces such as mushroom, gremolata and blue cheese. Served with sides such as traditional potatoes, salad and butter, there are also options for meals served with fried prawns, truffle-oil and hand-cut fries.
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    Dine on more than just steak at a Belfast steakhouse

    The star at a steakhouse in Belfast is beautifully cooked steak, but there is also other options on offer for diners looking for something a little different. Chicken, lamb, fish and seafood are also on the menu, served on sizzling hot plates. Chicken wings, steak sandwiches, soups and salads are also available for lunches or quick meals. For sweet-lovers, there is a variety of desserts available at your chosen Belfast steakhouse including the traditional sticky pudding, cheesecakes and ice-cream.
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    Enjoy a delightful dining experience at a steakhouse in Belfast

    For those who like a dynamic and vibrant dining experience, there is a Belfast steakhouse for your needs. From traditional and family-oriented to contemporary, elegantly decorated, there is an option for anyone's mood, often combined with a bar serving fine whiskey or wine, live music and many have event rooms for those in a large group. So no matter what your reason is for dining out, there is a steakhouse in Belfast for everyone and they are all available to book on Quandoo now.