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3 Restaurants in Belfast: Chinese

Discover excellent Chinese restaurants in Belfast

Belfast is an increasingly hip tourist destination and one that’s filled with energy, independent spirit and plenty to see and do. As the birthplace of RMS Titanic, the ship’s legacy is shared in the impressive Titanic Quarter which includes a museum, restored buildings and the Titanic Slipways, which is a popular venue for live music. The city has inspired a number of classic novels, too, including Gulliver's Travels, and you can also enjoy fantastic guided tours, art exhibitions, science fairs and live events at the Odyssey Arena and Waterfront. Finally, look forward to a huge array of shops, cool nightclubs, independent bars and an impressive number of eateries, including Chinese restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.

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The Welcome

The Welcome

The Red Panda

City Centre
The Red Panda

The Merchant Bistro

Town Centre
Cake & Coffee££££
The Merchant Bistro
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    Discover authentic cuisine at Belfast's Chinese restaurants

    What sort of Chinese meal do you want to enjoy? We typically think of Anglicised favourites, but Chinese is a tantalising and authentic cuisine to discover, with plenty of unusual dishes. You'll find Chinese restaurants in Belfast offering soft-shelled crab, hot and sour soup, Ants Climbing on a Tree (minced meat with noodles), scallion pancakes and flavour-packed Three Cup Chicken. Look out for interesting desserts, too, such as egg custard tarts, coconut bars and almond jellies. We tend not to associate dessert with Chinese food in the UK, but traditional Chinese restaurants in Belfast will often include an enticing array of unusual sweet treats and delicacies that are ready for you to enjoy.
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    Enjoying celebrations at the Chinese restaurants in Belfast

    Belfast's Chinese restaurants are busy throughout the year, but when events and festivals come around the visitor numbers really swell. Key fixtures include New Year and Chinese New Year (celebrated towards the end of January to mid-February), as well as the Chinese festivals of the Dragon Boat, Lanterns, Double Seventh Day (also called the Chinese Valentine's Day) in August and the Winter Solstice, which all typically involve heaps of great food to be enjoyed with family and friends. Remember to book your table at the Chinese restaurants in Belfast during these busy periods to avoid being disappointed.
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    Which Chinese restaurants in Belfast do diners enjoy?

    The Quandoo community has left some great reviews for the Chinese restaurants in Belfast. The Welcome on Stranmillis Road is the oldest of Belfast's Chinese restaurants and the award-winning family-run eatery has been delighting locals since 1982 – diners have raved about the Korean pork belly, spicy Schezuan dishes and the vegetarian options. Another hot favourite is the Red Panda on Great Victoria Street, located in the Andras House Hotel and boasting beautiful, stylish decor as well as a sophisticated menu. It's a great choice for lunch, dinner or just drinks.
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    Something for everyone at Belfast's Chinese restaurants

    There are plenty of affordable buffet Chinese restaurants in Belfast which are always popular with students, city workers and shoppers, especially at lunchtime. These are great for enjoying a wide range of dishes, sometimes with hundreds of exotic options available to discover. Meanwhile, smaller Chinese restaurants in Belfast are ideal for more intimate meals and will have fantastic set menu offers for lunch and dinners. Whether you fancy a portion of sweet & sour chicken and chips, or a lavish authentic menu featuring multiple courses, you'll find the perfect Chinese restaurants in Belfast to enjoy. Just remember to book ahead and leave your review at Quandoo!