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Italian Restaurants in Berkshire

Discover Berkshire's best Italian restaurants with Quandoo's help

When you need the tastiest, most wholesome, and sophisticated cuisine around, Berkshire's Italianrestaurants are the places to look. The food of Italy is justifiably famous, and we're all familiar with pasta and pizza. But these eateries offer a deeper, more immersive experience. Discover the meat dishes of Sardinia, spicy Sicilian sauces, and versions of pizza that you had never imagined before. With Quandoo's help, booking tables couldn't be easier to embark upon a gourmet Italian adventure.

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Italian Steakhouse


Hot & Smokey Pizza


Pizza Hot For You

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Viva L'Italia

Town Centre
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    Berkshire's capital has Italian restaurants to make your mouth water

    If you're in Reading and you have a hankering for some delicious pasta, you're in luck. There are some cracking Italian restaurants in Berkshire's county town, and Quandoo lets you pick between them with ease. Some offer scrumptious Sardinian fare, with roast wild boar, crispy carasatu breads, or lamb stews made with the island's red wine. Some offer new spins on pizza, such as baby calzones, while there are also Neapolitan trattorias which summon up the spirit and aromas of the city by the bay.
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    If you want gourmet pasta, Berkshire's Italian restaurants deliver

    Elsewhere in the Berkshire area, Italian restaurants are just as enticing - and their pasta dishes are a particular highlight. For instance, over at Bel Vedere on the border with Surrey, you can discover what the Iasi family have to offer. And with tagliatelle made with a dash of truffle essence, specialist Sardinian pasta cooked with beans, and gorgeous frutti di mare linguine (fruit of the sea), the options go well beyond bog standard Bolognese dishes. Healthy, full of fine ingredients, and - more importantly - rich with flavour, these pasta creations will send foodies to food paradise.
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    Take a tiramisu tour at Berkshire's Italian restaurants

    But don't forget to match up some magnificent mains with divine dolce. The sweet options at Berkshire's elite Italian restaurants do justice to the rest of the menu - offering delectable ways to conclude a memorable meal. If you want a boozy but balanced tiramisu pudding, go ahead. But there are also light gelatis, crème brûlées and fruity panna cottas to savour as well. When paired up with a robust espresso or a dessert wine, there's hardly a better way to end your dining experience.