4 Caribbean Restaurants in Birmingham

Dine at one of many Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham

As the second-most populous city in the UK outside of London, Birmingham has a lot to offer to to residents and visitors alike. This cosmopolitan city is known for its diversity, with migrants from all over the globe making their home here. Attracting people from even the farthest corners of the world, Birmingham is an exciting place to live, with many cultures living side by side harmoniously. Thanks to a growing community from Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad, the Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham are as authentic as they come. At the Birmingham International Carnival, a festival celebrating the culture and food of Afro-Caribbean peoples, you can also sample tasty foods from Birmingham’s Caribbean restaurants while learning more about the cultures of the West Indies. Whether at a festival or in a restaurant, Caribbean food is an absolute must-try.

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This is it! Caribbean Buffet Restaurant

West Bromwich
This is it! Caribbean Buffet Restaurant

Caribe Restaurant & Bar

City Centre
Caribe Restaurant & Bar

Caribbean Queen

Caribbean Queen
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Comies Caribbean Grill

Comies Caribbean Grill
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    Jamaican foods at the Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham

    One of the most represented cuisines you’ll find in Birmingham’s Caribbean restaurants is Jamaican. Packed with flavour and spice, it’s without a doubt one of the world’s tastiest cuisines. Some of the most popular dishes you’re likely to find in the Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham include ackee and saltfish, a dish made with rehydrated salted cod and ackee (a tropical fruit originally from Ghana), jerk chicken, brown stew fish and oxtail soup. If you happen to like beef, you can’t go wrong with Jamaican beef patties, flaky pastries packed with seasoned, spicy ground beef and fried to crispy perfection. If you’re a vegetarian, no worries – many of the Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham offer meat-free versions of the Jamaican beef patty on their menu. Jamaican desserts are also worth sampling, especially a delicious plantain tarts or some coconut drops, finely chopped coconut boiled in brown sugar to make a sweet, delicious treat.
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    Plantains: A key ingredient used in Birmingham’s Caribbean restaurants

    Plantains may look just like overgrown bananas – indeed, they come from the same family of fruit – but they are so much more than that. Known to some as ‘cooking bananas’, these big, starchy fruits can be cooked when they’re ripe or unripe depending on the flavour profile or texture that you’re going for. From crisps to decadent desserts, plantains are a versatile ingredient commonly utilised in the Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham. In the Dominican Republic, fritos verdes or tostones are unripe plantains that have been sliced into discs and fried to create a unique texture that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Perfect with salsa or another dipping sauce on the side, they make for a great appetiser or starter before diving into your main course. Another sweet and tasty way to enjoy plantains are as plátanos maduros, which are ripened, thickly sliced and deep fried until golden brown. Unlike tostones, the thick, ripe plantains are sweet and very soft, and they go perfectly alongside a more savory option. You can easily find both in one of the many excellent Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham.
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    Find your new favourite food at the Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham

    If you’re looking to get your fix of Jamaican beef patties or want to try some tostones for the first time, you’re in luck. With Quandoo, you can easily find these delicious dishes and many more by simply searching by cuisine, location or price range. No matter whether you’re in Digbeth, the Jewellery Quarter or Edgbaston, you’ll find what you’re looking for in just moments when you search with Quandoo. Search by rating, look for food in your neighbourhood or plan the perfect romantic date, all with a few clicks of a button (or taps of a finger). It’s easy and free, so sign up and make your way to one of the many Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham today!