Mexican Restaurants in Birmingham

Mexican Restaurants in Birmingham: Fiesta in the City

In recent years, the popularity of Mexican cuisine has skyrocketed in Birmingham. Although a good deal of Mexican restaurants in Birmingham subscribe to more of a Tex-Mex cuisine, which is also delicious, one can find truly authentic Mexican eateries if they just know where to look. From Ladywood to Bordesley, there are Mexican restaurants in Birmingham that serve tasty favourites you might only expect to find in the heart of Latin America. It goes without saying, Mexico is a gigantic country. With numerous cultures and peoples comes a plethora of cooking styles, making Mexican cuisine one of the most varied cuisines available.

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PERIOS Tex Mex Grill - Shirley



City Centre

Holy Moly

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    Mexican Restaurants in Birmingham: Book online

    If you’ve ever eaten a truly authentic plate of tacos, you’ll know that Mexican food is one of the most flavourful cuisines on the planet. Although Mexican restaurants in Birmingham aren’t exactly numerous, they’re as flavourful as can be for being so far away from Mexico. Because these eateries aren’t nearly as common as curry houses, they tend to fill up relatively fast. For that reason, it’s a smart idea to book a table online in advance. With Quandoo, you can book restaurant tables with just a couple of clicks. Browse for great eateries using a number of filters like budget or cuisine, and begin earning Loyalty Points each time you make a booking online.