Steakhouses in Birmingham

Steakhouses in Birmingham are here to stay

Whether you like it or not, Birmingham steakhouses are more popular ever before. Thankfully, if eating a grilled slab of juicy meat isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be pleased to know that nowadays, it’s easy to find steakhouses in Birmingham that feature options for vegetarians, the health-conscious, and those on a budget. Steakhouses are often associated with American food, and the image of cowboy hats, cattle ranchers and giant portions often come to mind. These dining establishments can go from high-end gourmet restaurants to more casual places where you can get burgers and steaks served alongside a range of beers. Steakhouses in Birmingham are evolving, and for the better!

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On The Rocks

Sanders Park

Micky's Steakaway

Town Centre

Yaqubs Steakhouse & Grill

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Ibrahim's Grill and Steak House

Acocks Green

Ibrahim's Grill & Steak House (Green Lane)

Bordesley Green

The beech house

Town Centre

Koyla kitchen

Brierley Hill

Marhaba Steak and Grillhouse


Lemon Pepper

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    The evolution of steakhouses in Birmingham

    The first pre-steakhouses that we know of were established in London during the 17th century. Known as chop houses, these were pubs made specifically for men that served large pieces of individually sliced pieces of meat, or chops. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that the first steak houses started popping up around the United States, evolving from traditional inns and bars. One of the oldest chop houses in the UK is the Albert Square Chop House in Manchester, situated inside the Memorial Hall which was built between 1863 and 1866, and to this day serves some of the best classic British cuisine in town. While Manchester has its fair share of chop houses, Birmingham didn’t get its first until 2011 with the opening of Mr White’s English Chop House. Of course, there are many more American-style steakhouses in Birmingham which offer a unique vibe to guests from the UK and beyond.
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    American-style steakhouses in Birmingham

    It wasn’t until the late 19th century that the first steak houses started popping up around the United States, evolving from traditional inns and bars. It didn’t take long for steakhouses to catch on in the United States and quickly became something of an institution throughout the states. Before there were huge franchises like Ruth’s Chris, Outback and Texas Longhorn, there were small, cosy mom-and-pop restaurants that provided a simple, relaxed space for chowing down on some hearty meat and sides. The first of its kind, the Old Homestead is the oldest continuously running steakhouse in America, established in 1868. At the many American-style steakhouses in Birmingham, you’ll find plenty of food just like in the good old days, with prices that won’t break the piggy bank. Some of the steakhouses in Birmingham actually originate in the USA, as many franchises have set up outlets throughout the UK.
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    The food you’ll find at steakhouses in Birmingham

    From T-bone steaks to fillet mignon and just about everything else in between, steakhouses in Birmingham offer food that sticks to the ribs and comforts guests. Juicy cuts of beef, thick burgers with a whole host of toppings are the favourites here in the steakhouses in Birmingham. As for side items, you’ll often find loaded baked potatoes, creamed spinach, corn on the cob, chips, green beans, and mashed potatoes and gravy to accompany your selection. At Birmingham’s steakhouses, there are even options for vegetarians and folks looking to eat healthy, so don’t be alarmed by all the meat. Whether you’re looking for an old English chop house or you want an authentic American experience in the steakhouses in Birmingham, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for with Quandoo. Be sure to reserve ahead – Birmingham’s steakhouses tend to get busy!