Fish Restaurants in Brighton

 There’s something fishy about Brighton

Located on the coast of the United Kingdom right along the English Channel, fish restaurants in Brighton have a long history with the fresh sea air. Brighton’s love affair with the open ocean is believed to go back to the 5th century when it began as a small Saxon village of fishermen and their families, by the name of Beorthelm’s Tun. The first recorded use of the name ‘Brighton’ is thought to have been in 1660, but it wasn’t until the late 19th century when Brighton truly began to prosper as a seaside resort after a doctor called Richard Russell wrote a book about the medicinal properties of sea-water, so people flocked to Brighton in an attempt to cure all their ailments. Nowadays, just an hour south of London by train, Brighton is a popular haunt for day-tripping Londoners eager to escape from the city. Known to many as The Sunny South-East of the UK, aside from Brighton’s beautiful broad shingle beach, the town has a great reputation for its arcades, restaurants, bars and amusements. But most of all, this seaside resort is known for its seafood — and by god, what fantastic fish restaurants Brighton truly has…

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The Little Fish Market


Regency Restaurant


Fancy Crab

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Sea Salt


North Sea Fish Restaurant

King's Cross


Camden Town

Fishworks - Swallow Street


Fish Central


Happy Days




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    Great views with even better seafood

    Now, when we talk about fish restaurants in Brighton - we’re not just discussing high-end establishments with good silver cutlery and fine bone china. No no, quite the opposite, actually. Brighton’s location right on the coast makes for fresh seafood every day of the week, and the fish restaurants in Brighton take full advantage of this! Whether you’re in the mood for a piece of smoked haddock battered, fried and rolled up in newspaper right in front of your eyes on the pier at sunset, or a decadent seafood platter served with champers in one of the glam spots at the marina — Brighton’s fish restaurants certainly don’t discriminate when it comes to good, fresh seafood.
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    Go fishin’ for your fave fish restaurant in Brighton

    You mightn't like what we’re about to suggest here, because it involves trying as many different fish restaurants in Brighton as humanly possible in order to find your favourite one... But, science says fish is good for you though, right? So that means we can eat as much of it as we want? Ok cool, we’re glad we had this chat... Go exploring, follow your nose (and your grumbling tummy); walk all along the coast and then turn inland towards the Laines to sample all the glorious fish restaurants that Brighton has to offer. Whether you decide on sashimi in a sushi place, salt cod fritters at a tapas restaurant, a traditional fish pie in one of Brighton’s many pubs or battered scampi from the chipper — you can rest assured that the standard of Brighton’s fish restaurants will always be absolutely top notch.
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    These are a few of our favourite things...

    Feeling overwhelmed? Well here are some of our personal favourite fish restaurants in Brighton to help get you started. You can’t go wrong with some shellfish from the Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar - their fish is quite literally fresh off the boat. If you’re looking for something a little bit more upmarket, The Salt Room does amazing seafood and cocktails in a very cool setting. Check out the Regency Restaurant for a real authentic fish and chips complete with mushy peas and tartar sauce. Or if you feel like getting your glad rags on, treat yourself to a slap-up meal in The Restaurant At Drake’s. But those are just a few suggestions to point you in the right direction because the possibilities are endless when it comes to Brighton’s fish restaurants. You can easily hunt out the best fish restaurants in Brighton with Quandoo, all you have to do is filter by area, cuisine type and price and then easily book a table online!