Indian Restaurants in Brighton

 England’s love affair with curry

It’s no secret that the United Kingdom and India have had a very long, often troubled relationship over the years, but one thing has remained steadfast despite the ever-changing political and social climate: the pure love that the UK has for Indian cuisine. In Brighton this passion is only continuing to strengthen and grow and to everyday folk, dining at an Indian restaurant, particularly in Brighton, is much more than a meal out. It’s a social event, and when those little silver bowls and fresh, fluffy naan arrive at the table it’s clear why Indian cuisine is considered by some to be even more popular than traditional classics like fish and chips. So pop in and indulge at the many delicious Indian restaurants Brighton has to offer.

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Brinjals Cuisine


The Curry Leaf Cafe


Indian Summer

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Nishat Tandoori

The Lanes

Mala Indian Restaurant

St Katherines Dock

No.7 Temple


Everest Abercorn


Aladin Brick Lane

Brick Lane

The Thames


Manjal Indian Restaurant

Canary Wharf
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    The best dishes you’ll find in Brighton’s Indian Restaurants

    British Indian cuisine differs quite dramatically to authentic Indian cuisine, and many of the UK’s most loved dishes are technically not Indian at all. At the vast majority of Indian restaurants in Brighton, you’ll find classic curries like the treasured chicken tikka masala, korma dishes and jalfrezis that we’re certain no Brighton Indian restaurant would ever even think about omitting from its menu. At Curry Leaf Cafe, one of Brighton’s premium Indian restaurants, you’ll also find a delicious British-Indian homage in the form of masala-battered fish and spicy chips alongside tantalising Goan peri-peri dishes that will leave you floating out on cloud nine. Vegetarians will also delight in the range of dishes like aloo gobi, palak paneer and dal on offer throughout the city, making dining at Indian restaurants in Brighton here an ideal choice for any occasion.
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    From Goa to Rajasthan: various regional Indian dishes you’ll find in Brighton

    So what are the main differences between Indian regions in terms of cuisine? Dishes actually vary significantly from region to region and utilise herbs, spices and ingredients local to their area whilst also being influenced by religious and cultural elements. When dining in a north Indian influenced restaurant you’re likely to find rich, creamy curries like aloo gobi, samosas, roti and naan breads and a strong use of garam masala and fenugreek. When dining in a south Indian restaurant, you’re going to come across dishes based around rice, lentils and stews. Also, the famous dosa – a lentil and rice crepe – is supremely popular, as is the use of huli pudi sambar powder and tamarind. Luckily in Brighton, Indian restaurants have begun to offer choices from many different regions so guests can sample a variety of different dishes in just one sitting.
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    Spice up your life in Brighton’s Indian restaurants

    Brighton is on the cutting edge when it comes to the Indian restaurant scene and the past fifty years have seen dining at an Indian restaurant in Brighton go from being an occasional treat every now and again to a weekend tradition so ingrained in Brighton’s culture. While India has given the UK a range of cultural treasures like tea and gin and tonics, it’s Indian cuisine that holds a place in the heart of people throughout the UK, and indulging in a curry in one of Brighton’s best Indian restaurants on a Friday – or let’s be honest, any night of the week – remains the choice for locals all through the seaside city.
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    Our tips for finding the best Brighton Indian restaurants

    With all the delicious Indian restaurants throughout Brighton, it can be a little overwhelming to find the perfect one to get your tikka masala fix or dose up on dosa. So our best recommendation is to pop your location into Quandoo and we’ll show you the best spots in town, including their opening hours and reviews, so all you have to do is book and get yourself ready to devour a classic curry or beautiful biryani. Enjoy!