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3 Italian Restaurants in Bristol City Centre, Bristol

Explore the variety of Italian restaurants in Bristol's city centre

The range of Italian restaurants in the city centre of Bristol is truly remarkable. From the most humble cafe to to the best in fine dining, there really is something for every occasion. All that choice can be confusing however, so it helps to know a little about each type of restaurant available. Here are some tips to help you make an informed choice. First of all, you will notice that there are many Italian trattoria restaurants in Bristol's city centre. The trattoria is traditionally a casual and rustic neighbourhood restaurant, often family run where you can expect simple, hearty food and a relaxed atmosphere.

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Vincenzo's Pizza House & Restaurant

Bristol City Centre
Vincenzo's Pizza House & Restaurant

Veeno - Bristol

Bristol City Centre
Veeno - Bristol


Bristol City Centre
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    Italian osteria restaurants in the city centre of Bristol

    Osterias originally began as wine bars but have since evolved to serve simple, yet delicious dishes to complement the wines on offer. In Italy, they usually have a rotating menu, with a fixed price that includes wine. The menu will often change daily according to the local market, so you have the option to try a number of different dishes if you visit regularly. Italian osteria restaurants in Bristol's city centre, may be a little more sophisticated than their Italian counterparts, but the philosophy of offering simple, affordable and fresh food remains the focus.
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    Try an Italian enoteca restaurant in Bristol's city centre

    Enoteca's are a lot like osterias. Originally, these were places to go purely to drink wine but over time they began to offer snacks. In the city centre of Bristol, Italian enoteca restaurants are very much like Spanish tapas restaurants in that they offer small, snack size portions of delicious food to accompany the fantastic wine they serve. They are great places to enjoy a drink and a light bite to eat with friends.
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    Ristorantes: the finest Italian restaurants in the city centre of Bristol

    Ristorantes are the most formal type of Italian restaurants and Bristol city centre has an excellent range of these eateries, which offer outstanding dining experiences. The ristorante is a full-service restaurant, often with an extensive menu, wine list and professional staff. It is here that you will find some of the best Italian fare, including pasta, seafood and various meat and game dishes to sample, and indulge in. Whatever your preferred style of dining, you're sure to find the perfect Italian restaurant in Bristol's city centre that will suit your tastes and preferences perfectly. Buon Appetito!