African Restaurants in Bristol

 Explore something new at the finest African restaurants in Bristol

One of the best things about being a Bristolian is having so many diverse dining opportunities in your city. With chefs from all over the world weaving their magic in the city, you can discover new dishes whenever you eat out. Few places are as exciting for gastronomic explorers than Bristol's African restaurants, where ingredients like plantain, yams, couscous, cassava and harissa combine to form seductive aromas, and unforgettable tastes.

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    Try Ethiopian or Moroccan cuisine at Bristol's African restaurants

    When you check out Quandoo's selection of African restaurants in the Bristol area, you'll find a wide range of wildly different culinary styles. For example, there are Ethiopian eateries serving traditional flatbreads (injera) and minced beef-based spicy dishes. There are Moroccan places where freshly steamed couscous and roasted aubergine can be blended with lamb cooked in yoghurt with currants and apricots. Africa is a big place, after all, but with so many exciting African restaurants, Bristol is a great place to explore everything the continent has to offer.
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    African restaurants in Bristol are superb social venues

    Booking Bristol's African restaurants is always a great way to bring together family and friends for social occasions. That's partly down to their relaxed atmosphere. West African and Moroccan eateries tend to have a laid-back vibe, created by the aromas of the food, friendly staff, colourful decor and drinks like mint tea or ginger beer. The menus at Bristol's African restaurants also cater for a variety of tastes and diets. There will always be plenty of protein-packed grilled meat recipes for fitness fanatics alongside light bites and salads. Everyone can find something to enjoy in settings that help the conversation flow.
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    Sample cuisine from every corner of Africa without leaving the UK

    Dining out should always be an adventure, and that's definitely the case with Bristol's finest African restaurants. Whether you have long been a fan of Moroccan or Ethiopian food, or you are just coming to these national cuisines for the first time, you'll find excellent chefs showcasing traditions from every part of the continent. In Clifton and St Pauls, African restaurants across Bristol cook familiar ingredients like chicken and lamb in ways that you won't find at gastropubs. So for a new dining experience, check out what Bristol's African restaurants have to offer by booking with Quandoo!