4 Steakhouses in Bristol

Steak of the art spots in Bristol

In recent years, Brits have developed a strong enthusiasm for all things bovine, paving the way for steak connoisseurs to branch out and bring premium cuts of quality meat to punters throughout the UK looking for that perfect piece of rump, eye fillet or sirloin. One such haven of steakhouses is Bristol. Bristolians have formed a solid love of steak, and the Bristol steakhouses are reminiscent of that, serving the best cuts, cooked to perfection, with staff providing detailed knowledge on everything from the origins of the cut, to recommendations on how it’s best served, and the perfect wine to match. But with so much to know, it can be difficult to know where to start, so let us give you the low-down on the best steakhouses in Bristol, where to find them, and what to order.

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The Smokehouse Saloon

The Smokehouse Saloon

No5 Grill Bar

Bristol City Centre
No5 Grill Bar

Porterhouse Steakhouse

Town Centre
Porterhouse Steakhouse
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Rancho Steakhouse Poole

Rancho Steakhouse Poole
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    High steaks for Bristol’s best

    While it’s true yes, that you can pop down to the local and pick up the steak of the day and chips for a tenner, you certainly get what you pay for. And with Bristolians learning more and more about where exactly their food comes from, Bristol steakhouses are fast becoming the hottest spots in Brizzle. The steakhouses in Bristol have been born from those with a passion for steak, and good quality steak at that, and so you’re not going to find any chuck on the menu, that’s for sure. But rather, Bristol steakhouses are brimming with grass-fed, organic British longhorn, or grade nine wagyu alongside premium cuts of pork, brisket and baby back ribs.
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    The ethical meat craze taking over Bristol steakhouses

    As we just mentioned, it’s pretty much a sure thing that you’ll find detailed information about your choice of meat, and generally it’s going to be ethically raised and slaughtered, organic, and grass-fed. But why the shift in attitudes regarding ethical butchery and consumption? Not even thirty years ago, grass-fed was almost unheard of. But if you consider it, a hundred years ago, it was the norm. So in a sense, eating ethically and organically is going back to our roots, and Bristol steakhouses are leading the charge with this shift in attitude. Offering an array of choices with not only the sides and sauces to go along with your steak, opens up diners’ minds and encourages the consideration and engagement with what they are eating, and how it got from paddock to plate.
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    And how would you like that done?

    It’s not only the cut and origins of steak that is becoming a trend in Bristol steakhouses, but how it is cooked is as well. It’s nothing new that people have their own individual preferences for how they like their meat done, but now people are more open to letting the chef decide what is best for the steak ordered, to bring those rich, succulent flavours to the plate. It’s safe to say that generally medium-rare is the consensus among those in the know, as the longer you cook the steak, the tougher and drier it becomes. Medium-rare is about juiciness and tenderness, which when dining at a Bristol steakhouse, is what you should be aiming for. So while you may prefer a medium or medium-well usually, why not ask the team at one of the Bristol steakhouse specialists for their opinion – you might be pleasantly surprised.
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    Go crazy for cow with Quandoo

    So now we’ve sufficiently got your mouth watering with thoughts of porterhouse, T-bone and tenderloin, it’s high time you get down to a Bristol steakhouse to fill your boots. To make life that bit easier, jump on Quandoo, filter your search preferences to suit and book a spot at one of the best steakhouses Bristol has to offer. You can also read reviews to see what other diners felt about their experience, and after you dine, leave your own review and pick up some points for your next visit to one of Bristols’ premier steakhouses. Enjoy!