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Indian Restaurants in Cardiff

 Top curries in Cardiff

Cardiff’s gastronomy scene is really coming into it’s own lately. With a strong sense of individuality and emphasis on locally-sourced produce, Cardiff has become a mecca for foodies from all over the United Kingdom. It’s no secret that Indian is the UK’s favourite cuisine, and in the Welsh capital, you’ll be lucky enough to stumble across some of the country’s best Indian restaurants. As Indian cuisine is incredibly diverse, the Indian restaurants peppered throughout Cardiff take pride in showcasing an extensive range of regional specialties from regions throughout India. You’ll find curries, biryani, dosas and chaats and much, much more on offer in Cardiff’s Indian restaurants. And to help you navigate through the tandooris and tikka masalas, and which Cardiff Indian restaurants you really need to try out, we’ve got some good tips lined up. Be warned though, you’ll be hungry by the end!

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Spice Quarter

City Centre

Duchess Of Delhi

Cardiff Bay

Red Chilli

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    Classic elements of Indian cuisine

    As we said, Indian cuisine is incredibly diverse. So diverse, that each of the 28 regions in India have their own, individual ingredients, spices and cooking methods. For example, in the north you’ll find less spicy dishes featuring an abundance of green chilli, saffron, yoghurt and a heavy use of ghee (clarified butter), whereas in the south, things tend to be far more spicy with a wide use of tamarind, black pepper, mustard, coconut and seafood. There is also plentiful use of rice, garam masala spice blends and naan breads as well. While Indian cuisine found in India actually varies quite a lot to that found in the UK, you’ll find many traditional and authentic dishes on offer in Cardiff’s Indian restaurants. Dal is hugely popular, as is biryani, aloo gobi, dosa and uttapam as well. And of course, as you would expect, Cardiff’s Indian restaurants serve up some of the country’s best chicken tikka masala – it wouldn’t be Indian in the UK without this classic curry, that’s for sure.
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    So, what dishes should you expect in Cardiff’s Indian restaurants?

    For those of you lucky enough to live in Cardiff, or for those just visiting, no matter where you find yourself you’ll be able to find a delicious Indian restaurant. Whether you’re in Cardiff’s city centre, along the revitalised Cardiff Bay, inland in Radyr or along Ferry Court, there are Indian restaurants in Cardiff to suit every occasion. But what to eat? Well, if you find yourself in the city centre, pay the team at Spice Quarter a visit, and treat yourself to a starter of fish amritsari, of fish dipped in mildly spiced traditional batter and deep fried, before a main of murg malai methi (chicken in a rich, nutty gravy flavoured with fresh coriander and fenugreek). Or, if you’re around Cathays, a meal at Mowgli’s is a must. Their unique dishes have made them one of the best Indian restaurants in Cardiff, and their malabar mussels and lamb biryani are out of this world in terms of flavour. And for those of you taking in the sites of Cardiff Bay, Duchess of Delhi boasts a menu packed with over 80 delicious dishes, and their Kerala chicken curry is a standout.
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    What next then?

    Well, we’ve probably got you craving a hearty meal in one of Cardiff’s excellent Indian restaurants by now. And so, to make things that bit easier, we’ve got a great selection of some of the best Indian restaurants in Cardiff – and Wales, to be honest. All you have to do, is head to the Quandoo website or app, enter your location and cuisine preference and just let us know when you’d like to dine. It’s that easy. So all you’ll have to worry about is getting excited for feasting on a delicious range of delectable fare at the wonderful Indian restaurants in Cardiff.