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Italian Restaurants in Cardiff

Welcome to Cardiff, the international capital of Wales

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and a hot foodie destination that is particularly popular for weekend breaks. With large student and visitor populations, this busy waterfront city constantly buzzes with culture, retail, history and entertainment. From tours of the Welsh Assembly building and the National Museum, through to leisurely walks of the Bay and shopping at Mermaid Quay, there is plenty to do – and that includes excellent opportunities to refuel at the high-quality Italian restaurants in Cardiff.

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Veeno - Cardiff

Cardiff Bay

Tonis Amici

City Centre
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Marcello Restaurant


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Bristol City Centre

Sorrento Italian Restaurant

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Venezia Exeter

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    Cardiff's Italian restaurants are well worth a visit

    The Italian restaurants in Cardiff offer something for everyone. Families will find big-name chains at St David's retail centre, as well as cosy little pizzerias which create the freshest thin-crust pizzas. Couples will love the elegant choices around Cardiff Bay, most of which feature modern interiors and stylish lighting that draw in a trendy crowd. Looking for a quick lunch on a budget? Italian restaurants in Cardiff offer special deals, such as soup with pasta or pizza. If you’re not pressed for time, then seek out the authentic trattorias run by highly-trained chefs who cook regional specialities from all across the country.
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    Italian restaurants in Cardiff have a long history

    You may be surprised to know that Wales has a long history of Italian immigration, with many families welcomed in waves between the 19th and early 20th centuries. Around 1,000 Italian immigrants – many of whom were political refugees – had come to Wales by the end of the 19th century, and they mostly worked as seamen in the port towns. Some of them also set up cafes, fish and chip shops, ice-cream parlours and Italian restaurants in Cardiff and all around Wales. For years, Italian cafes were typically known as 'Bracchis' by the locals – referring to the Bracchi family who owned a cafe in Rhondda. You may still hear the term today!
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    Book a table at our favourite Italian restaurants in Cardiff

    Of the Italian restaurants in Cardiff, Tonis Amici counts among our favourites. It combines an authentic menu with a quintessentially warm and jovial atmosphere typical of restaurants in this genre, along with a lavish feast of traditional dishes including bistecca al pepe nero, lasagne al forno, calamari fritti, and several dessert wines to finish. Romeo's by The Sea in Penarth is a lovely, old-fashioned joint by the sea, perfect for a romantic meal for two. This is one of the Italian restaurants in Cardiff which boasts an excellent wine menu, and its swordfish cooked in rich tomato sauce is a particularly well-known speciality. Stefano’s on Romilly Crescent is another great choice; family-friendly and located close to the Principality Stadium, making it an ideal spot for a pre-match meal. Regardless of which Italian restaurant in Cardiff you decide to go with, make sure you book your table in advance. With Quandoo, you may reserve up to two hours in advance to skip the lines and avoid having to queue.
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    Which dishes will you try at the Italian restaurants in Cardiff?

    Italian food is fresh, delicious, and often served with flair and style. Opt for a Caprese salad or creamy buffalo mozzarella as a starter, then move on to mushroom risotto with a drizzle of truffle oil or spaghetti alle vongole and savour the bits of clam that come with it. Real Italian gelato or tiramisu – which literally translates to 'pick me up' – will round off your meal perfectly, perhaps with a glass of dessert wine, such as the Moscato d'Asti, served with a biscotti. Whatever you choose to eat at the Italian restaurants in Cardiff, you are bound to have a meal to remember.