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Cardiff vegetarian restaurants are on the up

On the southern coast of Wales, the capital city of Cardiff shines as a hub for culture, cuisine, and entertainment. The area that now comprises the city has been populated since the early Neolithic period, with archeological finds close to the city including the Tinkinswood burial chamber that was constructed around 1,000 years before the construction of Stonehenge. Although Cardiff is known for its long history, the present-day is pretty great, too. There are dining possibilities for all budgets here, and it’s not just Welsh cuisine on the scene – there are many amazing vegetarian restaurants in Cardiff serving up an array of different international foods. From Indian curries to superfood shakes, the vegetarian restaurants in Cardiff are full of options for folks who don’t eat meat or want to eat less of it.

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    Try tempeh at the vegetarian restaurants in Cardiff

    Just about everyone has tried tofu nowadays, and seitan is gaining ground as a tasty alternative to meat. Lesser known, however, is tempeh, an Indonesian delicacy made from fermented soybeans that has a texture and flavour all its own. Traditionally sold wrapped in banana leaves, tempeh packs an extra healthy punch because it contains the entire bean, meaning that it retains some of the best nutrients as well as plenty of healthy fibre to make it more substantial. It’s usually cooked as a stir-fry, marinated and fried up and with a dipping sauce on the side, or baked in the oven. It can also be crumbled and used as a substitute for ground beef in pasta dishes or even sloppy joes. Curious to try it? You’re likely to find it at one of the many great vegetarian restaurants in Cardiff. If you want to try it using a more authentic preparation, head to one of the local Indonesian restaurants and taste it cooked with string beans or coconut milk.
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    Eat clean when dining in Cardiff’s vegetarian restaurants

    Clean eating is all the rage nowadays, and in the vegetarian restaurants around Cardiff, you’ll likely find an array of ‘clean’ choices. Although the term ‘clean eating’ is rather new, the concept has been around for a long time. The food eaten by followers of this diet usually consists of organic, non-GMO vegetables, sustainably-sourced meats and dairy products, whole grains and foods used in their most natural form. For example, a pre-packed veggie burger that’s been heavily processed and most likely packed with nasty additives doesn’t quite fit the bill, but a black bean burger made with freshly cooked beans, rice, corn and vegetables would be a fine choice. There are quite a few Cardiff vegetarian restaurants that subscribe to the clean eating trend, but just because some consider themselves ‘clean’ doesn’t mean the others are somehow ‘dirty’. So enjoy your meal no matter what you decide on!
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    Find the best vegetarian restaurants in Cardiff with Quandoo

    Whether you’re a full-on vegan, a part-time vegetarian or even the biggest meat lover in town, the vegetarian restaurants of Cardiff are worth paying a visit to. With Quandoo, you can search for the very best Cardiff vegetarian restaurants that the city has to offer – filter by the location, price or cuisine – and book them all with just a few taps of a finger or clicks of a mouse. Check out the reviews from other users, leave your own, and best of all, get rewarded with Loyalty Points each time you book online. Save them up for cash back, and discover Cardiff’s vegetarian restaurants in the process.