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Greek Restaurants in Carlisle

 Try some delectable Greek delights at restaurants in Carlisle

Even up in distant Cumbria, gourmet food lovers can get their teeth into some amazing Mediterranean cuisine thanks to Quandoo. If you want succulent kebabs, nutritious salads, enticing sides and stellar seafood, Carlisle's Greek restaurants will summon up a slice of sunshine. With dishes for veggies to adore and carnivores to devour, these eateries provide an all-round dining experience like few others. Whether you're heading to Crete and want to get acclimatised, or you want to relive holiday memories from the past, Carlisle's Greek restaurants are great places to be.

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Alexandros Greek Restaurant

Town Centre


City Centre

Simply Greek Tavern

City Center
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Olive Affaire Greek Restaurant

City Centre

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    Start the meal in style at Carlisle's Greek restaurants

    Although Carlisle's Greek restaurants selection may not be as large as cities like Manchester or Newcastle, you still won't struggle to find stunning Hellenic cuisine whenever you need it. And the delights begin the moment you sit down. At favourites like Alexandros on Warwick Road, you can kick off with some homemade dips and salad, along with freshly baked pitta bread and olive oil pressed on the slopes of Epirus. As you peruse the menu you can get a taste for the fun to come with some crisp tzatziki, a few slabs of fried halloumi cheese or some crunchy calamari.
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    Veggies and meat eaters can enjoy Greek restaurants in Carlisle

    Then, it's onto the main event. The food of Greece offers so many different tastes to explore, and the Greek restaurants in Carlisle feature all of its delicious dimensions. For meat lovers, there are souvlaki skewers featuring Cumbrian lamb, or stifado (beef stew cooked in a rich red wine sauce). While veggies aren't left out in the cold. Instead, they can tuck into an array of meze plates, featuring roasted aubergine, chickpea salads and all of the feta cheese you can manage. And that's before even mentioning the seafood riches on offer. Truly, these tavernas offer a breadth of food that few other types of restaurant manage.
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    Indulge in traditional Greek desserts at restaurants in Carlisle

    That diversity reaches well into the final course. When you get to the desserts, you'll find some masterpieces on display (if you still have room!). From baklava pastries served with walnuts and ice cream, to revani (a kind of coconut flavoured sponge pudding), and sokolatina (a rum and chocolate tart), everyone's sweet tooth can be catered for at Greek restaurants in Carlisle. As they say in Greece, Kalí óreksi!