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Greek Restaurant in Cheshire

Go for a gourmet Greek meal at Cheshire's finest restaurants

If you want some classical food, make a bee line for Cheshire's Greek restaurants with Quandoo's help. These tavernas are experts at creating rich meat stews, succulent kebabs, delicate pastries, and all of the smaller bites that come under the meze umbrella. Whether you want a light lunch over coffee or an evening feast after work, Quandoo's collection of Greek restaurants in Cheshire will point the way to an unforgettable Mediterranean meal.

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Town Centre
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    When you need to celebrate, Cheshire's Greek restaurants will be ideal

    One of the most appealing things about the Greek restaurants in Cheshire is how well they cater for group dining. If you have a big group of friends who are congregating for an exam celebration, or you want to get your family together for a birthday bash, these eateries will go out of their way to make everyone welcome. With traditional dancing and music on the agenda some nights of the week, and plenty of cocktails and wines to sample whenever you visit, these tavernas will have everything required to keep everyone entertained.
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    There's some spectacular meze to be had at Cheshire's Greek restaurants

    However, even though the welcome is warm, that's not why we love the Greek restaurants Cheshire has to offer. No, their real strength lies exactly where it should - in the kitchen. More specifically, you'll find some dazzling meze menus on offer when you book a table at these establishments. There are beans served with tomato sauce and parsley, garlic mushrooms cooked in a rich cream and mushroom sauce, sausage platters (loukanika), and freshly wrapped vine leave parcels (dolmades) - along with a panoply of other delights. If you want to roam all over Greece's culinary terrain, there's no better place to do so.
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    Focus on veggie or meat masterpieces at Cheshire's Greek restaurants

    Then again, it's also possible to take a much more focused approach when you pick up the menus at places like Aristo in Macclesfield. That's because they mix up meze with much more substantial offerings like stifado (a beef and red wine stew), or yemisto (a pork and feta cheese dish). And with veggie options like halloumi kebabs or moussaka, Cheshire's Greek restaurants will ensure that every gourmet food fan is content (and stuffed) when they head home.