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Restaurants in Clapham

Where to find the best restaurants in Clapham

Extremely busy places are often described as being 'like Clapham Junction', and it’s no wonder considering that this South London town is hugely sociable, lively and extremely trendy. Known for its incredible array of shops, bars and restaurants, Clapham Common is also a particular tourist draw and there’s always something going on there! If you're looking for food, most of the restaurants in Clapham are actually found around the common and the area attracts a huge diversity of people, from young professionals through to global visitors, families, city slickers and more.

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Bistro 1745 at The New Inn


Côte Manchester

City Centre

Cowshed - Liverpool

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Tomahawk Steakhouse - Potto


George's Dining Room and Bar


Côte York

City Centre

Bombay Quay

Town Centre



Neon Jamon - Berry Street


Côte Liverpool

City Centre
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    Where to find the best restaurants in Clapham

    The area is split across two boroughs - Lambeth and Wandsworth, which are both highly desirable areas with plenty to offer in terms of food. Get your walking shoes on to explore each of the town's three main areas; as a guide, the restaurants by Clapham Common tube are about a half hour's walk away from Clapham Junction. Each area is well worth exploring, as the shops, culture, appearance and restaurants across Clapham vary greatly with their own unique atmosphere. Visitors certainly do love the feel of SW4, which was rated the best area of London to live in 2015.
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    Clapham's restaurants are well priced

    The large population of families, young workers and students means that the area is very well served with affordable Clapham restaurants. You'll also find cuisines from every corner of the world in this cosmopolitan London town, where new venues are always opening up to popular acclaim. You'll find family-run African restaurants in Clapham alongside stylish Italian trattorias, classic English pubs jostling for space with excellent Indian restaurants and Chinese takeaways, Mongolian BBQs, Brazilian rodizios, American steakhouses and more!
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    Which Clapham restaurants do Quandoo diners rate?

    With so many restaurants in Clapham, it can be hard to know where to start. A walk along the high street, Wandsworth Road or The Avenue will reveal plenty of possibilities, but to make it even easier, why not check out some of the diner reviews on Quandoo? Here you will find unbiased and detailed reviews of the restaurants in Clapham that Quandoo diners have enjoyed in the past. Remember to leave your own review once you've dined, as it will help your fellow community to make great dining decisions around Clapham!
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    Some of the Quandoo community's favourites are...

    The Abbeville located on Abbeville Road is a highly popular gastropub with heritage architecture and a stunning interior. Look out for British menu classics with a twist and excellent cooking delivered in hearty portions, plus the wine and local ale list is excellent if you fancy a cheeky tipple! Another great gastropub is The Avalon, which is named for the legend of King Arthur. Located on Balham Hill, it's a top spot for lazy weekend brunches and intimate dinners, with excellent service and a regularly changing menu.
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    Clapham restaurants for evening relaxation

    Why not try Osteria dell'Arte on the High Street - offering an authentic taste of Italy, this is an art restaurant with a regularly changing array of pieces from local artists. The setting is quirky and homely, and it's open from 10 am for a delicious brunch menu. Look for the Assaggi menu too which offers traditional Italian recipes at great prices. The Raclette Bar is another essential if you've never experienced this style of sociable, fun cooking at your own dining table. You'll enjoy an array of Alpine cheeses, meats and vegetables, ready for you to cook on your own personal raclette. Don't worry, the servers will explain how it all works and you'll find that the style of eating is perfect for families and social groups who don't like to stand on ceremony!
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    Enjoy great deals at Clapham's restaurants

    If you're keen to enjoy some fine dining at the high-end restaurants in Clapham, then it's worth visiting at lunch or for an early-bird menu from around 4pm onwards. You'll find some very well-priced set menu options which offer the same quality of cuisine, but without the typical fine dining prices of peak hours. However, if you are willing to splash out, then look out for tasting menus at the hottest restaurants in Clapham. These serve anything from 7 courses upwards, with the best chefs putting their own spin on avant-garde, contemporary and thought-provoking dishes. Dine with a fellow foodie, treat yourself to the wine pairing option and enjoy an evening of exciting conversation, and the best gastronomic experience! After dining at Clapham's restaurants, you can also move on to a comedy night, live music or the theatre - because there is plenty of nightlife nearby, as well as ample taxis to take you further afield !
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    Remember to book Clapham's restaurants in advance

    This part of London is always so busy that it makes sense to book in advance, especially for the smaller venues and any newly-opened restaurants in Clapham, which tend to attract crowds. Remember to book for large groups, even away from key dining hours, and for weekend brunches which are also heavily in demand amongst groups and families. There is a tradition here to start a Sunday with a walk through Clapham Common and then go for food - so be ready for some fresh air before you eat! The good news being that you can book restaurants in Clapham up to two hours in advance with Quandoo in order to beat the crowds!