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The great cities of the pizza world are well known: New York is home of the thin slice, Chicago the deep pan. Back in the Old Country, Naples lays claim to inventing the flat favourite, but the Roman al taglio and the square Silician get a mention too, and whisper it quietly, even the Turks and the Greeks are known for having a go. London is home to examples of all of them - plus our own take on the cheese-and-tomato classic - and all you need to find them is a guide. Find the your own slice of the action with our top tips for the best pizzerias in London!
  • Donna Margherita

    5.2 /6 Ausgezeichnet 235 Bewertungen
  • 5.2 /6 Ausgezeichnet 151 Bewertungen
  • Pappa Roma

    South Kensington
    5.3 /6 Ausgezeichnet 171 Bewertungen
  • Montpeliano Restaurant

    5.3 /6 Ausgezeichnet 110 Bewertungen
  • 5.6 /6 Wundervoll 56 Bewertungen
  • 5.0 /6 Ausgezeichnet 32 Bewertungen
  • Stringray Globe Cafe

    Bethnal Green
    5.3 /6 Ausgezeichnet 22 Bewertungen
  • La Pia

    Ladbroke Grove
    5.5 /6 Wundervoll 17 Bewertungen
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