Dine out in Derbyshire

Wholesome dishes from restaurants in Derbyshire

When you consider Restaurants in Derbyshire, you'll no doubt conjure images of cosy, country eateries nestled amid the region's peaks and serving all manner of local dishes and those from further afield. And while it's true that the area boasts a number of charming and quaint establishments offering a myriad of dishes, Derbyshire Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes. From modern and boutique style establishments to cosy bistros, the charming region of Derbyshire boasts a selection of restaurants to suit every taste and budget.

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    Restaurants in Derbyshire for all the family

    The region is popular with tourists and those who wish to visit just for the day, due to its array of interesting attractions and popular walking trails. As such, the restaurants in Derbyshire cater for all groups; from couples wishing to book a table for an intimate dinner, to wedding parties who are seeking an elaborate feast. Additionally, the area's restaurateurs cater to families and ensure that diners, whatever their age, are catered for by providing all the equipment and facilities needed, such as high chairs or baby changing facilities.
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    Fine traditional fayre

    A visit to a Derbyshire restaurant would not be complete without sampling the most famous dish from the area, the Bakewell Tart. This renowned dessert consists of layers of jam and shortcrust pastry and is named after the Bakewell area in the Derbyshire region. The area is also renowned for a selection of savoury dishes, such as Lobby. This dish was first concocted when the region was populated by potteries and the poorer workers could not afford the best cuts of meat and so used offal and trotters as the base for a tasty casserole. Other fine offerings from the restaurants in Derbyshire are sage Derby, a tasty and wholesome cheese and also flat griddle pancakes, both originating from the Stoke on Trent region.
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    World class cuisine

    The restaurants in Derbyshire, however, are also famed for their eclectic menus. Sample some of the mouth watering dishes, such as Hoisin Duck at one of the many outstanding Chinese restaurants. Alternatively, opt for one of the Asian restaurants in Derbyshire. Try the superb chicken satay at a Malaysian eatery, consisting of skewers of succulent chicken served with a peanut dip. Lovers of Indian cuisine will be delighted by the impressive selection of Indian establishments, serving an array of authentic and freshly prepared dishes for groups of all sizes.