Dine out in East Midlands

Discover a wide range of restaurants in the East Midlands

The East Midlands is a multicultural region of the UK, with many global cuisines represented alongside a rich British culinary tradition. East Midlands restaurants reflect the preferences of the local population. Cities such as Leicester and Nottingham, with substantial immigrant communities, have large numbers of Asian and European restaurants. Dining out in the East Midlands offers a wide choice of choices, and you can enjoy a culinary tour of the world in the many restaurants. Will you opt for an authentic Indian establishment offering subtly-spiced dishes from the subcontinent, or will it be one of the region's rural gastropubs with a high-end British menu?

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    Sample traditional British cooking in East Midlands restaurants

    This part of the UK has a wealth of local culinary specialities. Melton Mowbray offers world-famous hand-raised pork pies, using the finest local meats. Other local delicacies often found on menus in East Midlands restaurants include Stilton and Red Leicester cheeses, and the Bedfordshire clanger, a pastry with sweet and savoury fillings. Derbyshire provides the Bakewell tart, found on many dessert menus. If you are looking for local or international dining, use the Quandoo reservations service to book your table at the best East Midlands restaurants.