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Italian Restaurants in Old Town, Edinburgh

 Dine in style at Italian restaurants in Edinburgh's Old Town

If you're a lover of historic buildings, art, culture, shopping and Italian food, you'll be delighted to learn that some of Edinburgh's best restaurants can be found in the Old Town. The medieval heart of the capital, the Old Town is home to some of Scotland's most famous monuments, including Edinburgh Castle which perches above Meadows and Princes Street. The city is also home to great restaurants where you can indulge your passion for the flavours of Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna or Sicily. Don't waste your precious holiday searching for them – we've selected some of the very best Italian restaurant's around Edinburgh's Old Town right here on Quandoo.

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Mamma's American Pizza

Old Town


Old Town


Old Town
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Veeno - Edinburgh Quartermile

Old Town

Ciao Roma - Old Town

Old Town

Gordon's Trattoria

Old Town
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    Why choose Italian food in Edinburgh's Old Town restaurants?

    Italy, along with Greece, is widely held to be the birthplace of Western culture – and some of the world's tastiest food. Edinburgh has been home to immigrants from Italy for centuries and Italian cuisine has proven a hit with locals. It's a centre of the arts and culture and the Old Town is steeped in history and tradition. The many Italian restaurants located throughout Edinburgh's Old Town are ideal for those who want traditional dishes that are beautifully cooked and artistically presented.
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    Classic dishes and modern favourites in Italian restaurants in Edinburgh's Old Town

    Italian food is created with fresh local produce that is indigenous to a particular region or province. Tuscany is known for its medieval towns like San Gimignano and for cities of art and culture like Florence and Siena. The region also produces the famous Chianti wine that is favoured by diners around the world. Choose Italian restaurants in Edinburgh's Old Town easily with Quandoo and sample dishes from central regions of Italy such as Naples or Emilia-Romagna. Naples is known for its tasty pizzas, which include superior ingredients like Parmigiano-Reggiano and prosciutto de Parma from Emilia-Reggiano – try them at one of the many great Italian restaurants in Edinburgh's Old Town.
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    See the sights of Edinburgh's Old Town and discover its best Italian restaurants

    Edinburgh is a popular tourist destination, so booking in advance is almost mandatory. Quandoo ensures that you avoid disappointment by making it simple to book tables at Old Town's best Italian restaurants. Choose a restaurant that serves classic spaghetti bolognese and lasagne or one where sweet Sicilian cannoli is on the menu. Be sure to accompany your meal with fine Italian wines like Sangiovese and end your evening with a shot of limoncello or amaretto to get the get the best out of your experience in one of the many excellent Italian restaurants dotted around Edinburgh's Old Town.