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3 Restaurants in Tollcross, Edinburgh

Check out the restaurant scene in Edinburgh Tollcross

Located on the edge of Edinburgh's Old Town, Tollcross has always been a popular area for students and young professionals. Restaurants in Tollcross, Edinburgh tend to be vibrant, adventurous and on trend. Handy for the cinemas, theatres and clubs of Lothian Road, Tollcross offers an eclectic range of dining options, with Quandoo there to help you pick the ideal restaurants for your group.

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El Quijote

El Quijote

Bennets Bar

Bennets Bar

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club
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    Global restaurants in Edinburgh Tollcross

    This corner of Edinburgh has always had a cosmopolitan feel and that is reflected in the diverse cuisines on offer. From tacos to tapas, bakeries to bistros, Tollcross has temptations for every taste bud. This is the place where innovative chefs try out new ideas with restaurants that push the boundaries, knowing that the local clientele are open-minded and discerning.
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    Exciting dining in Edinburgh at Tollcross restaurants

    Edinburgh restaurants offer the eating out experience you would expect in any capital, from funky diners to fine dining. Come to Tollcross though and you feel you are at the culinary cutting edge. Familiar Thai, Indian and Chinese places still pack in the customers, but this is also the place to make that great discovery, the little brasserie, ethnic eatery or noodle joint that will join the list of your favourite places to book on Quandoo.