French Restaurants in Edinburgh

 Francophile or foodie – you’ll love the French restaurants in Edinburgh

You don’t have to be a fully fledged Francophile to know just how good the French restaurants in Edinburgh are. In fact, in some cosy spots it can almost feel like you’re in a tiny bistro in La Marais or Montmartre. Edinburgh has long been known as the leader in the UK’s drinking and dining culture, so it makes sense that they would play host to truly world class restaurants specialising in arguably the world's finest cuisine. You’ll find all your favourite French classics at some of the many chic and romantic French restaurants in Edinburgh, in both Old and New Town and their surroundings, and may we suggest that you begin your French culinary journey immediately.

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Côte Edinburgh

New Town

Stocks Urban Bistro

City Centre

La Garrigue

City Centre
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Old Town

Côte Glasgow

Glasgow City


City Centre


City Centre

Le Chalet Beaumartin

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    More than <i>vin et fromage</i> – French restaurants in Edinburgh are an experience

    Dining at French restaurants in Edinburgh is more than just going out for wine and cheese – it’s more an experience in itself, with world-famous chefs and artisanal French produce and ingredients being readily available to delight the passionate guests that enter the doors of any of the French restaurants in Edinburgh. You will be graced with anything from coq au vin to steak-frites, melt-in-your-mouth cassoulet to steak tartare that could very likely change your life. As fromage lovers ourselves, we of course highly recommend ending your French affair at any of the French restaurants in Edinburgh with a classic dessert wine and cheese platter. Bon appetit!
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    Must-try dishes at French restaurants in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh’s French restaurants are specialists in taking classic French dishes we’ve all come to love and making them uniquely their own. Paired alongside a chilled French white wine, we love going for moules marinières done traditionally in shallots and parsley marinated in white wine, or coq au vin jaune of Bresse chicken thigh in white wine with morel mushrooms. For the more adventurous Francophiles, visit one of the more highbrow French restaurants in Edinburgh and set your tastebuds on steak tartare of finely chopped beef mixed with onions, seasoned well and served with egg yolk and rye bread, for a true insight into French cuisine you’ll be unlikely to forget.
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    Escargot – not as slimy as you might think

    A topic of much debate and controversy in the food community – escargots, or snails as you might know them. Many feel ill at the thought of ingesting them, but escargots actually taste nothing like what you would expect, and in fact, taste purely of butter and garlic. This may surprise some, and while the thought of a snail being a French delicacy may still make you a little queasy, once you try these little delights at a French restaurant in Edinburgh, we think you’ll end up as a true snail convert. Escargot is commonly cooked with parsley or garlic butter, wine wine and in some French restaurants in Edinburgh, chicken stock. Intended as an appetiser with a glass of fine French wine, escargot is the most traditional of French appetisers, so why not give it a go? You might even be surprised.
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    Delicious desserts in Edinburgh’s best French restaurants

    While the main event is an indulgence in itself, no trip to any of the French restaurants in Edinburgh is complete without dessert to follow. Whether it’s crème brûlée with perfect caramel casing, several macarons to sample, a soufflé that may as well be a work of art or a decadent cheese board with several types of cheese, grapes, fruit and fig paste, feasting on the dessert menu after dining in a French restaurant in Edinburgh is essentially a prerequisite – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Perfect to go alongside your sauternes, barsac or château d’yquem dessert wine, treat yourself to a pure French indulgence when next in your favourite French restaurant in Edinburgh.