Pizzeria Restaurants in Edinburgh

 Pizzerias come to Edinburgh

Modern pizza is thought to have originated in the 19th century in Naples, Italy, when a local chef created the pizza Margherita to honour the visiting queen. It was originally street food, a simple snack for modest people. From these humble beginnings, however, pizza has gone on to be one of the most popular foods in the world, with pizza restaurants popping up in cities around the globe. The same can be said for Scotland's capital and pizzerias in Edinburgh have become an integral part of the city's restaurant scene. You will find them on every corner of the city, offering simple, classic pizzas or more modern takes on this old favourite.

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Rigatoni's By the King's

Rigatoni's By the King's

West End
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    Old and new at Edinburgh pizzerias

    The Italians have firm views about their favourite foods. Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba in Naples is widely considered to be the world's first true pizzeria and the purists would argue that marinara and margherita are the only two 'real' pizzas in the world. Thankfully, however, pizzerias in Edinburgh have a somewhat different view and offer almost countless variations and toppings. Indeed, anyone choosing a pizza has a daunting choice of toppings, thicknesses, types of dough and even shape. And that's before they even consider a calzone.
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    A dizzying choice at pizzerias in Edinburgh

    Americans invented the deep-pan pizza, which has a far thicker base than the traditional pizza. You'll find almost all Edinburgh pizzerias offering the classic thin crust version, a lighter and crispy option. More recently, Edinburgh pizzerias have started offering other versions, such as the stuffed crust variety, to broaden the choice even further. With such variety, pizzerias in Edinburgh are not a place for the indecisive, and that is before we turn our attention to the choice of toppings.
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    Topping the bill at Edinburgh pizzerias

    We have already looked at two of the classic toppings in the marinara and margherita but today's pizzas come in so many more varieties and there is something for almost every preference and palette. Pepperoni had become a firm favourite as has the four seasons and even Hawaiian. The truth is that you can put almost anything on a pizza and many Edinburgh pizzerias have created their very own topping combinations. Pizza restaurants are also a favourite with vegans and vegetarians as there are many recipes that don't include meat or fish.