Spanish Restaurants in Edinburgh

 Enjoy exciting flavours at Spanish restaurants in Edinburgh

Where do you even begin with Spanish food?! It is as bright and colourful as it is flavoursome and spicy, with dishes to please even the fussiest of eaters. Key ingredients in Spanish cooking consist of produce that has benefited from the luscious year-round Spanish sunshine, and you can taste that in every mouthful. From the salty, wafer-thin slices of Jamón Iberico to olives like Manzanilla and Arbequina, Spanish food is a firm favourite with foodies all across the globe. Whether it’s meat that has been seasoned with Pimentón de la Vera, a smoked paprika from Extremadura in western Spain or a roasted vegetable dish full of beautiful heart-shaped peppers from Navarra by the name of Pimientos de Piquillo, Spanish food is bursting with flavour and you can witness this first hand at Edinburgh’s many Spanish restaurants. Not sure where to start? Quandoo can help...

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El Quijote


La Sal

Old Town
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Tinto Tapas - Battlefield

Mount Florida

Tinto Tapas - Uddingston


Tinto Tapas - East Kilbride

East Kilbride

Tinto Tapas - Hamilton

Town Centre


City Centre

Cubatas Tapas Bar & Restaurant


Tinto Tapas - West End

West End
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    There’s a lot more to Spanish cuisine than just tapas

    First things, first - Spanish restaurants in Edinburgh aren’t solely focused on tapas, and neither is Spanish cuisine as a whole. While those tiny plates are filled with delight, some of the main courses you can get in Spanish restaurants in Edinburgh are extremely enticing too. From fresh paella de marisco full of prawns, mussels and lobster to Filetes Empanados con Ajo very thinly sliced breaded sirloin steaks fried in garlic and served in a thick tomato sauce, served with potatoes or pasta and leafy greens, the dishes are as diverse as they are tasty. Other popular dishes that are available in Edinburgh’s Spanish restaurants are sea bass smothered in paprika and served with a hot, lemony potato salad, Tortilla de Patata with cheese, chorizo and potatoes within, or roast squid stuffed with a spicy tomato, onion bread mix and served with lashing of black pepper. Oh we’re getting hungry just at the thought of them all!
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    Sharing is the norm in Edinburgh’s Spanish restaurants

    Two things are certain when it comes to eating out Spanish-style: firstly, there will be mountains of food, and secondly, you must be willing to share with your friends and family! Food always tastes better when it’s shared, and Spanish restaurants in Edinburgh is ideal for picking at over a few hours, accompanied by a few casual jugs of sangria or bottles of wine. Spanish sharing platters will please carnivores and vegetarians alike, stacked high with cured meats like jamón Serrano, botifarra, jamón Serrano, salchichón and cheeses like manchego, valdeon and Torta del Cezar, as well as roasted vegetables, honey, fruit preserves and crusty bread called pan de horno. You can get mountainous platters like this in Edinburgh’s Spanish restaurants, and with Quandoo they are just a few taps away!
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    Struggling to decide where to eat?

    If you still feel like you need a guiding light to help you locate the ideal Spanish restaurant in Edinburgh, Quandoo has got your back... All you have to do is scroll through our great list of restaurants and bars and in a few seconds you can book yourself into one of the top Spanish restaurants in Edinburgh. Filter by price, location and cuisine preference and you’re away. Whether you’re browsing on desktop or on mobile, Quandoo’s website and app are the perfect companions for foodies who love discovering new spots. From Malvorosa in Portobello to Serrano & Manchego on Leith Walk, and from El Quijote on Brougham Street to Lasal on Howden Street, the options are endless with it comes to Edinburgh’s Spanish restaurants. Now, are you ready to enjoy all the deliciousness that Spanish restaurants in Edinburgh have to offer?!