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Cuisine: Malaysian
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4 Restaurants in Edinburgh: Malaysian

Malaysian restaurants in Edinburgh

Time was, when you felt peckish in Edinburgh, you had the stark choice of fish 'n' chips or haggis. How things have changed! In the 1950s, the earliest Chinese restaurants appeared, soon followed by the curry outlets that fuelled a night out on the town. Now after a culinary renaissance, Edinburgh is home to sophisticated fare from all the over the world including vibrant dishes from Malaysia. So if you're in the Scottish capital and fancy some exotic food, fear not. Malaysian restaurants in Edinburgh can cater for the most avid food enthusiast.

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Kampung Ali

Old Town
Kampung Ali

Banana Leaf - Cambridge Street

City Centre
Banana Leaf - Cambridge Street

Rumours Kopitiam

City Centre
Rumours Kopitiam
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Banana Leaf - Byres Road

Banana Leaf - Byres Road
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    Rich and varied cuisine at Malaysian restaurants in Edinburgh

    Malaysia is a truly cosmopolitan country comprising ethnic Chinese and Indians as well as Malays. As a result, Malaysian food is a zesty and intriguing amalgam, drawing inspiration from the cuisines of those great Asian nations, as well as from nearby Thailand and Indonesia. Malay dishes always delight the palate as they use fresh ingredients. These include herbs such as tamarind, ginger and lemongrass, spices like chillis and turmeric, and local fruits including coconuts and bananas. Thanks to Asian supermarkets, you can enjoy all these authentic flavours at Malaysian restaurants in Edinburgh.
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    Malaysian menus in Edinburgh

    So what's on the menu at Malaysian restaurants in Edinburgh? Rice is a staple in most dishes. Popular items include Nasi Lemak, considered the national dish. It comprises rice steamed in fragrant coconut milk, often garnished with a stalk of lemongrass or ginger for added zest. If you're in a hurry, sample the local 'fast food' of Nasi Goreng (fried rice). Prefer noodles? Try laksa - spicy noodle soup with chicken or prawns. For snack or finger food you can't beat satay - barbecued meat on sticks. Marinated with spices, satay is served with a piquant peanut dip and slivers of onions and cucumber. Suffice it to say you'll never be bored with the menus of Malaysian restaurants in Edinburgh.
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    Malaysian restaurants locations

    Compared to Thai outlets, Malaysian restaurants in Edinburgh are still relatively few in number, and are conveniently located in the city centre. Kampang Ali is a chain with three downtown locations which makes is easy to pop in for lunch or dinner or for sustenance after an evening in the city's pubs and clubs. A spicy curry is great for clearing the head after a few tipples. Suffice it to say, if you're around the Royal Mile, you won't be far from some exotic grub in the Malaysian restaurants of Edinburgh.