Dine out in Kent

Restaurants in Kent: a view of the southeast

Kent is a verdant county in the very southeast of England. It shares a northwest border with Greater London, a western border with Essex, and Surrey to the west. One of the warmest parts of Great Britain, Kent’s climate is perfect for growing fruit, hazelnuts and many other agricultural products. It’s also Britain’s top hop producing region, and the Kent countryside is dotted with the conical hop kilns known as oast houses, where green hops are dried before being used in beer brewing. Naturally, produce from this region, colloquially known as the Garden of England, makes its way into the kitchens of most restaurants in Kent. The hops make it into the cellars of the alehouses, too. With such abundance at their doorsteps, it’s no surprise that the best restaurants in Kent endorse local, seasonal produce.

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    Places to eat in Kent: town and country

    The many sizeable towns in the county are points where restaurants in Kent tend to gather. Maidstone is the county town, and Canterbury (cathedral), Dover (white cliffs of), and Ashford all host great Kent restaurants. Let’s not forget the many Kent restaurants and pubs that line the country roads. Seeking these gems out over a weekend is a real pleasure – Kent offers a stunning example of the English countryside, and with a good quarter of the county officially classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it’s perfect for a gastronomic road trip. It should be mentioned that some of the top restaurants in Kent are vintage British pubs that has gone the gastropub route. Grab a real ale (made with Kentish hops) and gourmet pub lunch and drink in the view over Kent’s rolling hills.
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    What to expect in the best restaurants in Kent

    Kent’s pleasant climate, gorgeous coastline and bucolic interior attracts many top restaurateurs to the county. There at least four Michelin-starred Kent restaurants dotted about, countless award-winning gastropubs, and a myriad of international cuisines available from the best restaurants in Kent. All of the top restaurants in Kent naturally take full advantage of the region’s agricultural riches, and many accommodate diners in premises commanding awe-inspiring views over the landscape. You can dine in a Kent restaurant within earshot of Canterbury Cathedral’s bell tower, looking out over the channel to France or along the majestic white cliffs of Dover. But good places to eat in Kent are not necessarily expensive or award-winning. Some of the best places to eat in Kent are characterful gems, known only to locals, the informed, or savvy Quandoo users!
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    Finding Kent restaurants is easy with Quandoo

    There’s a large area to cover if you’re on the hunt for places to eat in Kent. Narrowing your search down to the best restaurants in Kent – or rather the restaurants in Kent that fit the bill when it comes to your preferences – is easy with Quandoo’s intuitive capabilities. We’ve a large and growing stable of Kent restaurants, and you’re sure to find a good spot for eating out in Kent if you follow the following. Especially if you’re heading out on a Sunday drive for a culinary road trip to seek out the best restaurant in Kent, we’d recommend installing the Quandoo app on your smartphone. (Keep it hands free people!) Head to our Kent listings to see all the restaurants in Kent. Then filter for district, budget, and even the atmosphere you’re looking for.