🍖 Meat your maker...

London BBQ and Steak Restaurants

Mapping London For Meat Lovers

Like London, meat is many things to many people. Perhaps an unforgettable steak done just the right way, maybe a deliciously guilty behemoth burger devoured outside a bar, even an elegant hors d'oeuvre at a refined restaurant. Whatever guise it takes, top quality meat cooked properly is one of life's premium pleasures. This guide from Quandoo maps out exactly where to go in London when the carnal cravings kick in, where just the tender, juicy, mouthwatering meal you need is waiting for you.
  • Greedy Cow

    Mile End
    5.5 /6 Mahtava 398 arvostelua
  • Coba

    5.5 /6 Mahtava 292 arvostelua
  • Bun & Bar

    5.4 /6 Loistava 26 arvostelua
  • 4.5 /6 Loistava 131 arvostelua
  • Bariloche

    5.3 /6 Loistava 102 arvostelua
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