ūüćĒ Beer, with some bread to soak up the atmosphere

London's Tastiest Sports Bars

These aren't your smokey sports dens. London's best sports bars are a balance of fine food, great ambience and top-shelf drinks

At kick-off, the place you want to be is undoubtedly in a buzzing pub with a pint in hand. Not all London sports bars, though, are created equal. Conveniently, just in time for the 2016 Olympics, London's sporty watering holes have been put through their paces by Quandoo, and we've named our absolute best squad for match day. As long as nobody goes down with injury, these not-so-standard sports bars are a safe bet to come away with the win if you're in the market for somewhere to catch a match, a race, a round, a meal or a mai tai. Even if you don't care about the result, you will certainly care for the fun atmosphere, incredible cocktails, real ale, fine wines and exceptional food to be found at the best of London's sports bars.
  • 4.8 /6 Loistava 4 arvostelua
  • The New Inn - London

    St John's Wood
    4.2 /6 Erittäin hyvä 47 arvostelua
  • Everest Abercorn

    4.5 /6 Loistava 173 arvostelua
  • The Abbeville

    5.0 /6 Loistava 411 arvostelua
  • The Tommyfield

    5.1 /6 Loistava 261 arvostelua
  • 4.6 /6 Loistava 491 arvostelua
  • The Rosendale

    5.0 /6 Loistava 443 arvostelua
  • 4.5 /6 Loistava 215 arvostelua
  • The Jolly Gardeners

    5.1 /6 Loistava 99 arvostelua
  • The Pepys

    4.7 /6 Loistava 63 arvostelua
  • iNaga

    5.2 /6 Loistava 18 arvostelua
  • 5.2 /6 Loistava 16 arvostelua
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