Ir de tapeo?

Top Tapas Bars in London

We’ve got you covered when it comes to top spots in London for sensational Spanish small-plates

The craze for tapas and tapas bars in London shows no sign of slowing down, and we’re not surprised – the possibilities are endless when it comes to simple combinations of gourmet ingredients served in saucer-sized portions. Best shared among friends and matched by a well-paired wine or a crafty beer, it’s easy to understand why the Spanish tapas phenomenon enjoys such popularity. This Quandoo Collection lifts the lid on the restaurants and bars in London famous for their interpretations of traditional and contemporary tapas.
  • El Molino

    4.7 /6 Loistava 37 arvostelua
  • Cigala

    5.1 /6 Loistava 349 arvostelua
  • 5.1 /6 Loistava 364 arvostelua
  • Mar I Terra

    5.4 /6 Loistava 233 arvostelua
  • Jamon Jamon Camden

    Camden Town
    5.2 /6 Loistava 87 arvostelua
  • Barrica

    5.5 /6 Mahtava 109 arvostelua
  • Viva Dalston

    5.0 /6 Loistava 37 arvostelua
  • La Terraza

    5.2 /6 Loistava 41 arvostelua
  • El Metro

    5.3 /6 Loistava 32 arvostelua
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