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Superb Sushi Restaurants in London

Surefire sushi and sashimi smash hits in London

Ah, Japan. The land of tatami and Totoro, of Nissan and ninjas, of sumo and samurai, and, of course, of sushi and sashimi. There isn't amuch in the UK that can compete with the fresh fish on offer in the markets of Tokyo, but seen as that is an awful way away from Blighty, you're gonna need a few sushi restaurants in London to tide you over until you can next visit the Land of the Rising Sun. From nigiri to maki rolls, if it involves rice, wasabi, raw fish and seaweed sheets, then you can find it somewhere in London, and if you follow our Quandoo collection, then you're going to be finding some of the best of it around.
  • Kouzu

    4.7 /6 Excellent 108 Avis
  • Yuzu

    5.7 /6 Délicieux 24 Avis
  • Sushi Inn

    Palmers Green
    5.4 /6 Excellent 9 Avis
  • Yuzu Restaurant

    West Hampstead
    4.5 /6 Excellent 4 Avis
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