2 Restaurants in Southside, Glasgow

Time to enjoy Glasgow's Southside restaurants

You probably know that the city centre has a large number of outstanding eateries and the West End has its fair share too. Now, however, the culinary focus in the city is shifting, with rave reviews for the restaurants on Glasgow's Southside. Extending all the way from Govan in the west to Shawfield in the east, this area south of the Clyde has so many different neighborhoods – and so many different places to eat to choose from. Indeed, restaurants in Glasgow's Southside are beginning to give those city centre and West End places a run for their money.

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Mulberry St Bar/Bistro

Mulberry St Bar/Bistro

Cafe Ludovic

Cafe Ludovic
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    Try local restaurants in Glasgow's Southside for great variety

    A distinguishing feature of restaurants in the Southside of Glasgow is their sheer variety. The area has long been a melting pot of different cultures and age groups and this is reflected in the many different types of restaurants opening in Glasgow's Southside. There are lots of neighbourhood Asian places, for example, including Indian, Thai and Chinese establishments. But these old favourites are now being joined by different cuisines, offering a wider choice to local diners and visitors alike.
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    Enjoy a night out in Glasgow Southside restaurants

    The increasing number of quality restaurants in Glasgow's Southside is just part of a larger increase in the area's nightlife. There has always been an excellent selection of local bars to choose from and now there are lots of wine bars and some micro breweries offering superb beer and wine. With a sprinkling of clubs across the area, a night out in the south of the city is now a real alternative to trekking into the city centre or West End. An excellent local atmosphere, great food and drink and no need to queue for taxis at the end of the evening are just some of the reasons why you should socialise at the Southside restaurants in Glasgow.
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    Choose Glasgow's Southside restaurants for a relaxing lunch

    Don't worry if you're not a night owl. You can still enjoy the laid-back atmosphere at the restaurants in Glasgow’s Southside. It's a great place to spend an afternoon enjoying a lazy Sunday lunch with the family or catch up with friends for a chat over a light bite on Saturday. Remember, too, that the parking is much easier here, so a quick business lunch can be a lot simpler than trying to find somewhere convenient to meet in the city centre.