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The Hottest Curry Houses in Glasgow

Curry favour with your pal with our top tips for Glasgow Indian restaurants!

Glasgow is arguably the home of the curry house in the UK. Ever since that no-so-discerning diner sent back his chicken and asked for sauce - inadvertently demanding the first ever chicken tikka masala - the city has been at the forefront of Indian cooking, and the array of curry houses available is astounding. Whether you like local creations like the aforementioned CTM, the chasni, featuring a level of ketchup use that is unlikely to be found in Mumbai, or even the iconic "fusion food" of Haggis Pakora, you're spoiled for choice wherever you go in Glasgow. Use our Quandoo Collection as a divining rod to find some heavenly curries around town.
  • The Dhabba

    City Centre
    5.6 /6 Wonderful 47 Reviews
  • Dakhin

    City Centre
    5.5 /6 Wonderful 38 Reviews
  • Horn Please

    5.7 /6 Wonderful 13 Reviews
  • Indian Gallery

    City Centre
    5.1 /6 Excellent 15 Reviews
  • Punjabi Tadka

    East Kilbride
    5.2 /6 Excellent 10 Reviews
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