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Egyptian food is comprised of an extremely healthy mix, with the fruits of the Nile forming the foundations of the cuisine... Featuring a great deal of tasty fruits, vegetables and legumes, almost every kind of meal you'll find in Egyptian restaurants in Glasgow is never complete without a little pita bread like eish masri or eish baladi to go along with it. Glasgow has a rich history of Egyptian restaurants and you can find great products from the birthplace of civilization right near your home with Quandoo. Enjoy everything from ful medames to mashed fava and kushari, all created with authentic cooking skills and served in an atmosphere that brings to mind the bubbly, busy character of a restaurant in the heart of Cairo itself.

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    Enjoy the tastes of Egyptian cuisines in Glasgow restaurants

    With Egyptian restaurants in Glasgow, you can enjoy classic dishes from the country as well as the more obscure delicacies that chefs from the homeland of Egypt are familiar with. Kushari is considered the national dish of Egypt these days but, paradoxically, it owes it origins to a variety of different cultures. The pasta at the heart of it was brought by the British army from Italy, the tomatoes were brought from Latin America and the rice originated from Asia. However, with Egyptian restaurants in Glasgow, you can experience all these ingredients combined as only denizens of Egypt know-how, added together with lentils, caramelized onions, garlic and chickpeas.
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    Quandoo will find better options faster for Egyptian restaurants in Glasgow

    Quandoo makes it easy to find the best Egyptian restaurants in Glasgow. Take advantage of shared customer reviews and even special offers available only through Quandoo. In no time at all and with minimum effort, you will find yourself enjoying the tastes of this enigmatic country, such as the delicious Mulukhiya, made from chopped jute and corchorus plants that hail from Eastern and Northern Africa.
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    Enjoy the full range of Egyptian delicacies with restaurants in Glasgow

    One of the most remarkable things about the menus found in Egyptian restaurants in Glasgow is that they showcase how Egypt has stood as a gathering point for all kinds of cultural produce throughout her long history. Aside from the unique takes on foreign produce that the likes of kushari and mulukhiya represent, you can also enjoy the likes of Taro soup, an Egyptian approach to a plant native to Southeast Asia, as well as some truly tasty treats, such as Gibna Domiati and the sweet and tasty Konafah.