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Greek Restaurants in Glasgow

 A big fat Greek feast at Greek restaurants in Glasgow

If you’ve ever been on holiday to Greece and find yourself reminiscing about the wonderful food you tried there, then you’re in luck, because you can relive it all again right here in Glasgow. It may not be as sunny as Santorini, and the Clyde is a far cry from the Mediterranean Sea, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a number of amazing Greek restaurants in Glasgow, serving dishes so delicious that will they have you feeling you’re on a Greek vacation in no time. Try out kleftiko, moussaka and other Hellenic specialities at the best Greek restaurants in Glasgow.

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Elia Greek Restaurant

Elia Greek Restaurant

City Centre


Yiamas Greek Taverna

Yiamas Greek Taverna

City Centre

Omorphia Taverna

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    What exactly is Greek cuisine?

    As a country, Greece is a fascinating blend of old and new architecture and cultures, and this fusion of Ancient Greek and contemporary Mediterranean influences is also reflected in the country’s cuisine, combining time-tested cooking methods with fresh, Mediterranean produce. Olives, olive oil, lemons, eggplant, zucchini, spinach, fennel, grape leaves, yogurt, garlic, mint, dill, rosemary and tahini are all staples in the Greek diet, as well as fresh fish, seafood and locally-sourced meats. Not only is Greek cuisine delicious, but it’s known for its fresh, healthy and wholesome qualities, making a trip to one of Glasgow’s Greek restaurants a must for foodies.
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    Experience the Greek way of dining at Glasgow Greek restaurants

    In Greece, dinner is a social occasion and a time to relax, unwind and share laughter, stories and food with loved ones – unlike in the United Kingdom, Greeks like to take their time when eating their evening meal, using it as a chance to socialise with family and friends. Food is typically ordered for the table rather than individually, allowing everyone to share and sample a bit of everything, and a good bottle or two of wine is an important component of the typical Greek meal. The perfect choice for a communal feast with friends, you can experience this sociable and relaxed way of dining at one of Glasgow’s best Greek restaurants.
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    The dishes that you must-try when dining at Greek restaurants in Glasgow

    Gyros: Meat – usually pork or chicken – cooked on a vertical rotisserie and usually served wrapped in a flatbread with salad and tzatziki sauce. Souvlaki: A popular fast food dish consisting of small pieces of meat sometimes with vegetables, served on a skewer. Kleftiko: Lamb marinated in lemon and herbs, slow-cooked to perfection in a sealed container. Moussaka: Like a kind of Greek lasagne, moussaka is a layered, aubergine or potato dish often made with ground meat and topped with a thick milk-based sauce. Vegetarian? Vegetable moussaka is a must-try! Saganaki: One for the cheese lovers, saganaki is Greek cheese pan-fried with flour, typically served as an appetizer.
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    Go Greek at Greek restaurants in Glasgow

    We know that Glasgow and Greece may seem one million miles apart, but take a trip to one of Glasgow’s amazing Greek restaurants and you will easily forget about the weather and feel like you’re on holiday somewhere on the Greek coast. Greek cuisine is a popular choice when dining out, and there is no shortage of Greek restaurants in Glasgow to choose from, whether you’re looking to experience some Hellenic hospitality in the City Centre, West End or even over in Bellshill. From modern Greek eateries to traditional tavernas, there is Greek restaurants in Glasgow for any occasion, and finding the perfect one couldn’t be simpler. Browse Glasgow’s greatest Greek restaurants by area and price, and then quickly and easily book a table online.