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Japanese Restaurants in Glasgow

 Choose from a spectacular selection of Japanese restaurants in Glasgow

If you're a fan of East Asian food, the sheer variety of Japanese restaurants in Glasgow is sure to set your taste buds tingling. However, with so much to choose from, making a decision can be a tall order. Thanks to Quandoo, those cuisine quandaries are a thing of the past. We feature a range of eateries from across Glasgow, with Japanese restaurants aplenty. Find the ideal sushi joint for a spot of lunch with friends, or seek out speciality Japanese restaurants in Glasgow if you're keen to try something new. From basic bistros to restaurants specialising in fusion cooking, you can browse Japanese restaurants at a glance so you can make a better decision when it comes to dining out.

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Hungry Sumo

Hungry Sumo

Maki and Ramen - West Richmond Street
Bonsai Bistro - Richmond

Bonsai Bistro - Richmond

Old Town
Maki Maki

Maki Maki

City Centre
No.1 Sushi Bar

No.1 Sushi Bar

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    Dining in Glasgow - premium Japanese restaurants in Scotland's second city

    While Edinburgh might be Scotland's capital city, Glasgow is the largest and boasts an equally eclectic culinary scene. In Glasgow, expect plenty of Japanese restaurants to satisfy those cravings for sushi, salads, tempura and noodles with boundless variety so you can always experience something new. With Quandoo, locals can discover new places to dine, while visitors to this cosmopolitan city can seek out Japanese restaurants in Glasgow to indulge once they're done exploring for the day.
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    Enjoy plenty of variety

    One of the most diverse cuisines on the planet, Japanese food has something to cater to every palate. Everyone's heard of sushi rolls and ramen noodles, but few initiated diners will know about the sheer variety that Japanese cooking offers. As with elsewhere in the world, Japanese restaurants in Glasgow are often divided into specialities, with establishments focusing on one particular corner of the Japanese culinary spectrum. Head to an eatery specialising in fresh noodles or ramen, seek out a rice restaurant for a bowl of donburi, or enjoy a little bit of everything at a bento branch.
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    Book tables at Japanese restaurants in Glasgow the easy way

    If you're struggling to settle on a destination to head for dinner, let Quandoo provide you with some inspiration. Satisfy any appetite with an unbeatable pick of the best Japanese restaurants in Glasgow, with some of the city’s finest chefs hard at work producing premium plates of food you won't be forgetting in a hurry. Browse nearby Japanese restaurants in your corner of Glasgow, before reading current ratings and making your reservation.