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Go south of the border in Glasgow

Mexican cuisine is really hot stuff in Scotland, with the number of Mexican restaurants in Glasgow and beyond booming in recent years as diners discover the tongue tingling tastes of Mexico. Luckily for Scottish spice seekers, in Glasgow you can experience some of the finest Mexican cuisine that the country has to offer, some that could even rival that which you would find Guadalajara or Mexico City. From street food stalls to tex-mex joints and traditional cantinas, there is no shortage of Mexican restaurants in Glasgow. In fact, it seems that the burrito has even overtaken the burger as the city’s most favourite fast food snack. Quandoo is here to help you find Glasgow’s best Mexican restaurants – simply search for the one closest to you then book a table online.

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Olives & Pesto

East Kilbride

Don Cazcabel

City Centre
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Viva Mexico

Old Town

The Basement

City Centre
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    A little history of Mexican cuisine

    Mexican cuisine has a long and winding history, believed to have originated from the time of the Mayan Indians. As nomadic hunters and gatherers, wild game, fish, fruits and tortillas with bean paste were all staples of their diet. Mexican cuisine as we know it today is a fusion of indigenous Mesoamerican cuisine from the Mesoamerica region in the 15th century, which used a lot of spice, and Spanish influences which were introduced in the 16th century after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, introducing dairy products, garlic and different wheat, herbs and spices to the people of Mexico’s diets. Today, Mexican cuisine is famous all over the world, even being listed by UNESCO for its Cultural Intangible Heritage – try this remarkable cuisine for yourself at one of Glasgow’s Mexican restaurants.
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    Mexican flavours in Glasgow restaurants

    Just like the geographical landscapes, the cuisine of each Mexican region varies a lot. Each state of Mexico has its own way of cooking and its own distinct flavours. For example, Puebla is famous for its mole and chiles en nogada, while Cancun is known for its tikin xic – Mayan barbecue-style fish. For foodies, Mexico is a top destination, but if you want to experience all of its culinary wonders without catching a flight out of Scotland, then simply head to one of Glasgow’s Mexican restaurants. ¡Buen provecho!
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    Try traditional Mexican dishes at Glasgow’s Mexican restaurants

    Some of the most popular traditional Mexican dishes include mole poblano, a red sauce typically served over turkey or chicken, enchiladas – a popular dish that dates back to the times of the Mayans when people would eat small fish wrapped inside corn tortillas, these days usually filled with meat, vegetables, beans or seafood, and smothered in a chilli sauce and cheese, and of course: tacos, corn or wheat tortillas that have been folded and filled with different fillings, one of the most popular Mexican dishes in the UK.
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    Go Tex-mex at Mexican restaurants in Glasgow

    Tex-Mex cuisine is a blend of Mexican and American influences, which has spread from border states to all across America, and making its way on to menus all over the world. Known for its heavy use of cheese, cumin, chili powder, and beef, some of the most popular ‘Mexican’ dishes in the United Kingdom are actually Tex Mex dishes. From nachos to chilli con carne and fajitas, you can try Tex Mex at its finest at one of the many Mexican restaurants in Glasgow.
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    Book the best Mexican restaurants in Glasgow with Quandoo

    Whether you want to chow down on a burrito at lunchtime, tuck into some Mexican-style tapas or spend the evening feasting on a three-course meal, there’s Mexican restaurants in Glasgow to suit all occasions. Search for Glasgow’s best Mexican restaurants with Quandoo, gather up your amigos and book a table online!