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Italian Restaurants in Gloucestershire

 Some <i>delizioso</i>delights await at Gloucester's Italian restaurants

From tantalising tricolore salads to beautiful bolognese sauces, Gloucester's Italian restaurants bring the gastronomic wonders of Italy to the West Country. Local foodies can feast on classic dishes or try something new, though always in comfortable surroundings. And there you can count on attentive, informative staff who can explain every last detail about the dishes being served. So, for an enlightening food experience, check out Quandoo's collection of Gloucester's Italian restaurants.

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Sorrento Italian Restaurant

Town Centre

Amalfi Italian


Piazza Italia - Stroud

Town Centre
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Primavera Ristorante

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    Gloucester's Italian restaurants offer some lesser known traditional dishes

    When you do, you'll find much more than bog standard lasagne and a pizza or two. The Gloucester area has Italian restaurants that go the extra mile, offering traditional dishes that English diners may not know so well. That could be osso bucco, a Milanese dish made from veal shanks cut across the middle, then slow cooked with white wine, stock and vegetables. Or it could be fish stews which summon up the spirit of the south, with a dash of chilli and saffron added to the mix. With varied dishes that will appeal to all palates, the food of Italy appeals across the board, so nobody will be left frustrated by the menus on offer.
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    You'll find your favourite Italian meals at Gloucester's restaurants, too

    However, while there are age-old dishes that are just appearing on English plates, Gloucester's Italian restaurants are also masters at preparing foods we all know and love. Whether you adore beef stroganoff, or seafood linguine, these eateries will blow you away with their interpretations. Take risotto, for example. While many people know standard cheese and mushroom versions well, Gloucester's Italian restaurants offer varieties with vegetarian Parmesan - allowing vegans to enjoy a top-quality meal as well as hardened carnivores.
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    Order up the perfect pizza at Italian restaurants in Gloucester

    However, vegans aren't going to be so impressed by another area where Gloucester's Italian restaurants excel: pizza. You'll find an endless array of options, from margheritas or pepperonis, to marinara's smothered in fresh seafood or dishes featuring plenty of goat's cheese. They may be totally unsuitable for vegans, but these dishes will delight anyone else with a hankering for perfectly crisp bases and cheesy toppings. If you think you know pizza, think again. You could be in for a delicious surprise.