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Discover superb restaurants in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is one of the most beautiful counties in England, located just 20 minutes away from London and filled with culture, history, entertainment, stunning countryside and fine dining. Enjoy historic homes and landscaped gardens, family days out at Paradise Wildlife Park and the Snow Centre, Hatfield House, Knebworth House and St Alban's Cathedral, or live out your childhood dreams with a Harry Potter Studio Tour. When you're ready to rest, recharge and refuel, you'll find an incredible selection of fine restaurants in Hertfordshire too, ranging from bustling organic cafes through to Michelin-star winning bistros.

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    Hertfordshire's restaurants reflect a fine food heritage

    The county has a rich agricultural heritage and locally-produced, seasonal food features highly on the menus of Hertfordshire restaurants. See if you can seek out a clanger for a heritage snack with a real flavour punch. This traditional local pie has a jam filling at one end and a gammon and potato filling at the other, encased in hearty pastry. Braughing sausages are another local delicacy, made with local pork and delicately flavoured with herbs. You can find them on offer for breakfast, or served with buttery mash and plenty of home-made gravy. Gentleman's relish is also associated with the county, and although the recipe remains a secret, its fans can detect anchovies, nutmeg, cayenne and celery seed. You'll often see it served as an accompaniment to local cheese and cold meat boards.
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    Dining for all budgets at Hertfordshire's restaurants

    There are restaurants in Hertfordshire to suit all budgets. You'll find family-run Italian restaurants that serve excellent set lunches for great value and gastropubs with meal options for families with younger children. Enjoy a mouth-watering Indian meal after a couple of drinks in a country pub, or treat yourself to flavoursome vegetarian cookery at a homely cafe. Don't forget to take in an afternoon tea either at one of the tea shops or hotels in the county for an indulgent treat. Wherever you choose to dine, just remember to book your table at Hertfordshire's restaurants in advance to avoid any disappointment or the need to queue! It's the hassle-free way to dine when you want to maximise your leisure time.
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    Great variety at Hertfordshire's restaurants

    Fancy a fine French meal at one of the UK's best known, award-winning French brasserie chains? Then Côte Brasserie in St Alban's is your go-to. It's listed in the Good Food Guide and offers a superbly authentic French menu, prepared to perfection by expert chefs. Try pate and sourdough for a starter or a Caesar salad, followed by mouthwatering steak and frites. Still got a little room for dessert? The chocolate fondant is utterly luxurious and wonderful with a dessert wine or coffee to finish. Or perhaps you fancy American style food? Why not head to Relish Real Burgers in Potter's Bar? It serves the biggest, most delectable burgers imaginable, all featuring the finest meat and toppings. Look out for the Mexican, the Greek and the classic Yankee burger. The fresh ice-cream milkshakes are also popular with kids and adults alike and a total must-try!