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French Restaurants in Hertfordshire

 Discover the chic French restaurants of Hertfordshire

French cuisine has always enjoyed a high reputation among British diners, and the classic principles of French cooking are still regarded as essential training for chefs. The French restaurants of Hertfordshire range from upscale fine dining establishments to relaxed modern bistros and brasseries. There are places offering traditional French regional cooking, modern French-fusion bistros, and cafes serving all-day menus. Regional French cooking covers a wide range of cuisines, from the Mediterranean style of Provencal cuisine to the rich meat and dairy recipes of Brittany and Normandy.

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Côte Welwyn Garden City

Town Centre

Côte St Albans

Town centre

Côte Bishop's Stortford

Town Centre
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Côte Brasserie - Harpenden

Town Centre
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    Try classic bistro and brasserie dishes in Hertfordshire French restaurants

    Visitors to Paris are familiar with the traditional zinc table brasseries, relaxed places where diners can drop in for steak frites, confit de canard, or a salade Nicoise, with a beer or carafe of the house wine. In Hertfordshire there are plenty of these types of restaurants, as well as relaxed bistros where the menu depends on seasonal availability and the chef's preferences and skills. Hertfordshire offers a diverse sample of French dining and if you’re looking to book a table at any of Hertfordshire’s French restaurants, Quandoo has got you covered.