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Greek Restaurants in Hertfordshire

 Get us the the Greek restaurants in Hertfordshire

So, you’ve a hankering for the fresh and zesty flavours of the Greece? Well then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got some seriously good tips on navigating the Greek restaurants in Hertfordshire, so you can sort the moussaka from the mezedes and the ouzo from the metaxa. You’ll find some truly special purveyors of Greek cuisine peppered throughout this picturesque county, and located only twenty minutes outside of London – a weekend away exploring the magic of this neck of the woods and feasting on delectable Greek dishes in Hertfordshire’s restaurants sounds bang on the money to us. So, let’s take a look then shall we?

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Anastasias Greek Restaurant

St Michaels


Town centre
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    Must-try dishes in Hertfordshire’s Greek restaurants

    As you’d expect, meat plays a huge role in Greek cuisine. Masters of charcoal-grilled and spit-roasted meats, you’ll be in for a carnivorous treat with succulent gyros, souvlaki, keftedes (meatballs), roast lamb and plenty more besides taking centrestage at the Greek restaurants throughout Hertfordshire. Just as popular though, is the obsession with fresh seafood. Whether it’s char-grilled octopus covered with fresh lemon, tsipoura (sea bream), calamari or any Mediterranean fish, you’ll be in seafood heaven – seriously! Cheese also plays a critical role in Greek cuisine, so whether it’s fried halloumi, saganaki or creamy feta, it goes perfectly with some fresh olives, salad or in the famous spanakopita.
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    Best places in Hertfordshire to dine

    To be honest, you’ll be able to discover some outstanding Greek restaurants just about anywhere in Hertfordshire. However, if you find yourself in St Albans discovering the ruins of the Roman Wall or taking in some theatre, you’re going to want to be heading straight to Anastasias Greek Restaurant for lunch or dinner. Right near St Peter's Church in the town centre, Anastasia's has been open since 1974. Some of our favourites include their fish souvlaki, homemade keftedes cooked in tomatoes and onions and the Helen of Troy special of stuffed chicken breasts.
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    Let’s get booking!

    It’s time to get down to business now that you’ve got an overview of the Greek restaurants in Hertfordshire and the particular dishes to keep an eye out for. And by business we mean, it’s time to book a table! All you have to do is filter your preferences according to location and cuisine type, so in this case – Greek restaurants in Hertfordshire – then let us know who will be joining you (and when) and Quandoo will sort out the rest. All you need to worry about is making sure you have a big enough appetite to fit in all the delicious dishes you’re about to eat. Opa!