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Hendersons Salad Table & Restaurant

New Town · 歐洲 · ££££
120 項評論

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Hendersons Salad Table & Restaurant
94 Hanover Street, New Town
Edinburgh EH2 1DR
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120 Hendersons Salad Table & Restaurant Reviews

Grace H.5 days ago · 1評論

Fab food, lovely table and great service. The live music was a treat as well. Slightly limited desserts (3) but all good. It pays to book a table though, as it was busy (Thursday evening.)

Emily R.11 days ago · 1評論

Delicious food, very friendly staff. Had a lovely evening. I had the vegetarian haggis while my friend had Thai noodles. We both had food envy!

Stefanie B.a month ago · 3評論

This is a great place for vegans and vegetarians. The menu is totally different to what you are used to know and it is delicious. The atmosphere is great and there is always interesting live music. Would definitely recommend.

Rachel D.a month ago · 1評論

Lovely! Food was great and a lovely atmosphere. A good place for vegetarians and even people who aren't. The staff were very friendly. Would eat here again!

bill k.4 days ago · 1評論

My wife and I went early before a theater visit and were glad the restaurant was not too busy. The waitresses were friendly and obliging. We ordered tap water and a glass of wine each and I asked for my grubby tumbler to be replaced. My wife wiped a trace of lipstick from the rim of her wine glass but didn't want to cause a fuss by asking for a replacement glass. We liked the large mural of the wedding party in the gardens and were amused by the shabby chic rough wood slats covering the lower wall adjacent to our table. We shared the bruschetta which was nice and my wife enjoyed her chef's special curry. I had the risotto with lentils which was nice although a bit bland for a non-vegy like myself but the crispy cheese improved it and gave some visual impact. We finished off by sharing the carrot cake which was very nice, paid the not over-expensive bill and set off on the 10 minute walk to the Playhouse.

Sarah L.a year ago · 1評論

The food was great as usual. Having dined in the Hendersons vegan restaurant recently, however, the decor in this one could do with a refresh and our table was so crammed in beside other tables that I had to ask a person at the neighbouring table to move so I could sit down. Close to our table was a 'Danger: Asbestos' sign on the ceiling which was a bit distracting, and nobody informed us that they weren't accepting card payments until we'd received the bill so my husband had to go and get cash from the nearest ATM. The food was wonderful but these few things marred an otherwise lovely evening. The satay skewers with pineapple salsa is amazing, and we really enjoyed the falafel with tartare sauce.

Neil S.a year ago · 1評論

Fantastic restaurant. Really quaint lively little place. Decor really suits the atmosphere they are trying for. Staff very extremely nice. Food was really really good, and the portion sizes were massive. Take mental note, make sure you are really hungry, or only have 1 course :). Service was unbelievably fast too, we had our wine before we had even finished ordering our food and the food itself practically appeared as if by magic with no wait, and was extremely hot so knew it was freshly prepared. The piano playing while we ate just added to an extremely wonderful experience.

Michelle D.a year ago · 1評論

We visited the salad table and had a wonderful meal. My husband and cauliflower wings as his appetizer. He had the Henderson's Haggis and I had Vegan Pad Thai for dinner. Both were wonderful! My husband loved his meal so much that we bought their cook book so we can make it at home back in the US. Dessert was incredible too. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone!

Uzma S.2 years ago · 1評論

As a consummate omnivore, I booked this restaurant more for sentimental reasons-to celebrate mom's 72 birthday-as she and my late father had celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary there some 34 years ago. Out large party was seated immediately, I was pleased with the food, mom enjoyed the ambience-live music etc. Our waitress was attentive, if a little rushed off her feet. The cake was yummy. I'd recommend this but I am confused, as I love meat but really enjoyed this food.

kirstin worsley w.10 months ago · 1評論

Overall our experience was fine except that the waiter was very keen to clear plates and took away any that were finished with, even though the others at the table were still eating. I don't feel that this is particularly courteous of the waiter as I was always taught to wait until all had finished before clearing. It felt a bit as if he was in a rush to get us out! However, the food was lovely and we would probably eat at Hendersons again if we were in the town.

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