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Magna Hungaria

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Magna Hungaria
29 West Maitland Street, West End
Edinburgh EH12 5DX




Spring Vegetable Soup


Hortobagyi Palacsinta

Thin pancake filled with creamy chicken paprika stew

Chicken Wings

With bbq or paprika sauce


Porkolt Pork Stew


Beef Goulash


Borju Becsi

Breaded and fried veal with potato wedges


Makos Guba

Sweet bread pieces soaked in sweet milk, mixed with ground poppy seed topped with vanilla custard

Gundel Palascinta

Thin pancake filled with cream (cooked in rum), topped with chocolate sauce

Somloi Galuska

Tricolor sponge cake soaked in chocolate sauce, filled with vanilla custard, walnut, raisin and apricot jam. Served with chocolate and whipped cream on top

25 Magna Hungaria Reviews

25 項評論
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SUSAN K.vor 2 Monaten · 2評論

Very pleasant visit to Magna Hungaria last night. Extremely helpful and friendly waitress who offered advice on our upcoming trip to Budapest! Very tasty food and wines. Clean and comfortable restaurant. Would recommend

Attila B.vor 6 Monaten · 1評論

Great service, ambience was fantastic and food was amazing. The staff followed through with my request to the letter. Well done. We will definitely be back

Karen C.vor 8 Monaten · 1評論

We visited on a Friday evening. The staff were very friendly and happy to explain menu to you. The food was very tasty. Definitely worth a visit.

Lesley C.vor 8 Monaten · 6評論

Another excellent meal at this delightful restaurant, The mushroom stew with home - made dumplings was delicious, as was my husband's duck. Also fine, fairly - priced Hungarian wine, and professional, friendly service.

Christa D.vor einem Jahr · 2評論

Lovely setting - definitely want to go back in Summer time to sit in the outside area. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We had lots of questions re the dishes as we were looking for dishes similar to those that we had in Budapest. They even tweaked a dish for us. It was spot on! All the best to them and we will definitely be back.

Aliz O.vor einem Jahr · 1評論

Every traditional Hungarian dish can be found at Magna Hungaria at a reasonable price. Friendly service, cosy atmosphere and decorations. The only thing missing was some traditional Hungarian music.

Andras T.vor einem Jahr · 1評論

Some of the food are superb while others are mediocre. Slow but flexible, very friendly service. Some of the food descriptions in the menu may have been slightly mistranslated, although that's not a big problem. Food names could have been translated to English to pull in the locals too. The look and feel of the place itself is modern with traditional Hungarian folk elements, the overall impression was really good.

Arnot M.vor einem Jahr · 2評論

I really enjoyed my visit. The waiter was very friendly, the restaurant was attractive and clean and it was fun to try the amazing food. Cold sour cherry soup was delicious followed by crispy langos with paprika and tomato, cheese and sour cream. A special meal.

Flora N.vor einem Jahr · 1評論

Nice atmosphere, helpful and friendly staff. Great palinka (homemade!) nice variety of food. It was only my friend and myself so we couldn't try a lot of kinds of food but the things we've tried were good quality and tasty.

Monika A.vor 2 Jahren · 1評論

Very sweet little place with a delicious cold fruit soup! If you would like to try Hungarian tastes (and you have no Hungarian friends, or they do not cook for you :-D) worth to visit the place! M.