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The Castle Inn

Town Centre歐洲, 英國菜
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The Castle Inn
2 Mill Bridge, Town Centre
Skipton BD231NJ




Scampi, Chips & Peas


Chilli con Carne & Tortilla Chips


Ham, Egg, Chips & Peas



Hot Sandwiches

Roast Beef & Onion Gravy £5.95, Southern Fried Chicken & Garlic Mayo £5.95, Tuna Mayonnaise & Cheddar Melt £5.95, The Classic B.L.T (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato) £5.95,

Hot Sandwiches

Chicken & Bacon Club £6.50, Pulled Pork Shoulder & Apple Sauce £6.50, Bacon, Brie & Cranberry £6.50.

Jacket Potatoes

Cheddar Cheese (v) £5.50, Baked Beans & Cheese (v) £5.95, Homemade Chilli con Carne £5.95, Tuna Mayonnaise £5.95, BBQ Pulled Pork £5.95, Homemade Coleslaw (v) £4.95,

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60 項評論
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Charlotte D.3 ay önce · 6評論

when we went there was lots of vegan options which was excellent for the picky eaters! sadly I believe their vegan chef has left the pub so less vegan options. haven't been since I heard this so hope to be proved wrong!

Tina F.5 ay önce · 1評論

The Castle Inn is amazing for vegans and vegetarians. There is a fantastic range of options available, all of which are delicious- I think by this stage I’ve tried all the vegan options but my favourite has to be the tofish and chips! The staff are helpful and friendly and the pub itself is cosy and homely.

Sophie S.6 ay önce · 1評論

Me & my partner travelled 20miles and we were very impressed! Fab vegan food & great service! Massive portions too. Can’t wait to try pudding next time 😍 I would def recommend.

Jenny S.7 ay önce · 1評論

Great feel and atmosphere to the place. Excellent vegan food and generous portions. Can especially recommend the tofish and chips if you have become vegan and miss the taste of fish and chips, very fishy taste.

EMMA G.8 ay önce · 1評論

Came specifically for the vegan menu, as being brought up in a very meat orientated family, who love traditional British fare, I have always found it difficult to enjoy a good meal with them. Thus, the fact that this pub catered for both was amazing. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but wow, I was stunned. I and the tofish and then the salted caramel tart with nice cream, which I could not finish!!! Very unlike me. My father, a life long fish and chip eater and vegan sceptic, tried both and even claimed the tofish was "too fishy", which from him, is a huge review. Thank you so much. The staff were really awesome, too. Will absolutely be coming again!! No doubt about it!

Jack L.10 ay önce · 1評論

We ordered from the Vegan menu, food took around 40-45 minutes to come out. The Tofish and chips was excellent, very much like the real thing. The 'Pulled Pork' and Falafel burger was OK, the falafel wasn't cooked properly and was still doughy, no breadcrumbs to give it that crips to it. The Cheezecake had a base with dates I think, it wasn't very nice at all, the ice cream was excellent, loved it. The waitress who served us was brilliant and offered us another desert when we told her we didn't like the cheezecake which was very nice of her. One thing that put me off was the fact the pub was dog friendly, and there were people with 2 dogs next to us, the dogs jumped up them a few times and the thought of dog hairs and germs flying around isn't something that I would consider acceptable. Would I go back? I would like to try more food off the menu definitley, but having dogs there makes me not want to.

Simon D.10 ay önce · 1評論

Great meal and service, we go for the Vegan menu, which is pretty astonishing. Just a word of warning - if you are going for the amazing Vegan 'To-Fish' and Chips, which is the best fish and chips I've had ever, vegan, vegetarian or carniverous, either go early, or give them a ring to pre-book your actual meal. We arrived at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon and they'd sold out of the To-Fish. Sob. I'm sure it's not the same everyday, but on busy summer weekends, it will be worth it!

Charlotte B.bir yıl önce · 1評論

Lovely pub in skipton. As a vegan I couldn't be happier, a fabulous menu with so much choice, generous portions and proper pub grub (vegan style) - delicious and filling and a good hearty plate of food. Lovely service, friendly and attentive. My friends ate of the regular menu and thought it was lovely too, they had a roast dinner with all the trimmings and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will definitely be back again on our next trip to Yorkshire!

Dr David I.bir yıl önce · 1評論

Reception, service, quality of homecooking and the choice and condition of real ale were all first-class! My only reason for not awarding 6 and excellent is that some of the tables are too narrow to accommodate 4 people comfortably as the table mats overlap the edges of the tables when 4 people are dining around 1 table. Otherwise, Mine Host, Calvin, ticks all the boxes and get everything right. The best food & beer in Skipton!

Paul S.bir yıl önce · 1評論

Very disappointed with the Castle, we ordered 3 Sunday lunches, 2 x lamb and 1 x beef. The food was poor, one of the lamb meals was cold and had to be re heated ( not a fresh one I must point out ) , the other one had what I can only describe as minuscule amount of lamb and was also returned. When they arrived back the " crispy goose fat " roast potatoes were completely not that, one of the meals had no roast and the other had what can only be described as a roast from last Sunday on it, we complained again but having already waited nearly 50 minutes couldn't be bothered waiting again. Certainly won't be returning