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4.4 /6 非常好 64 篇食評

The World's End Market

Chelsea 歐洲, 英國菜 ££££ +100


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The World's End Market, 459 Kings Road, SW10 0LR London

64 篇食評

4.4 /6 非常好 64 篇食評
抵食程度: 可以接受
食物質素: 非常好食
環境: 好舒服
服務質素: 友善
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17 5
8 4
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Robert F.
目前為1 篇食評 6
22.05.2017 11:33

The food was spot on and the waiter was brilliant. There was a buzzing atmosphere to go with it. The perfect start to a perfect day!

Mandy B.
目前為1 篇食評 6
21.04.2017 21:33

Service was outstanding and the food was so very good. I was really impressed. The cocktails were very nice too. To top it off the building is olde world and beautiful. Highly recommend.

Yael M.
目前為1 篇食評 6
08.04.2017 13:41

Friendly staff and very nice food; good beer and great interior design. I had the white asparagus and truffled mash potatos.. delicious. I would definitely come back.

Paula H.
目前為1 篇食評 6
26.03.2017 18:51

Excellent service, friendly staff and fresh food well prepared. Great cocktails by the bar staff. A great neighborhood place. We are from the Washington DC area and always come here when visiting our daughter in London!

Phil G.
目前為1 篇食評 2
14.05.2016 12:53

This was our second visit to The Worlds End Market. Nowhere near as good as the first time. Very disappointing. Service was poor and so was the food. We ordered our starters and mains and waited longer than we should have to get our starters. On my first visit here, last year, I'd ordered scallops for a starter, they were only available as a main this time round but the waitress said she could get me a portion as a starter even though it was off menu, they did it often apparently. We both ordered lemonades which turned out to be the smallest bottles we've ever seen in our life's and we both have many years of bar work experience. My fiancée ordered a special of crab tempura with mac and cheese. They finally arrived after a substantial wait. I was very disappointed to see that my starter consisted of 2 scallops sat on a bed of sorry looking salad leaves on a tiny plate. The other halfs crab tempura didn't look great, the mac and cheese looked awful, the cheese/cream sauce had split and the batter on the crab was a soggy mess. She hardly ate any of it, I ate my two scallops which in my opinion could have done with a bit longer on the grill (I'm sure on my first visit I got more than 2 scallops). Nobody bothered coming over to ask if our food was ok. The waitress collected the plates and didn't seemed fazed that my fiancée hadn't touched her starter. The mains were a slight improvement, I had the fillet steak which was decent enough and cooked as I had asked. The Mrs had a whole lobster but the cracker she was given wasn't up to the job and was too small so she had a hard time getting to the meat. We had some truffle fries which were nice and some truffle mash which was a sloppy mess that was impossible to eat with a fork but actually tasted ok. Again no one bothered asking how our meal was. We used a Taste Card for 50% off, if we would have had to pay full price I wouldn't have been happy, even at half price I felt ripped off. My 2 pathetic scallops were a tenner! Also they still charge 'service' at 100% of the bill something I noticed on our first visit. We won't be returning unfortunately.

Elia P.
目前為2 篇食評 2
05.03.2017 09:09

Our steaks were terrible. They are billed as 'the best in the world' but compared to Hawksmoor or Goodmans there is simply no comparison. Don't believe the hype people and steer well clear! We wanted a selection to try out. We wanted some rib eye, some sirloin and some fillet. The prices on the menu are per 100g so we thought we'd get 200g of rib eye, the 250g fillet and the 250g sirloin. We were told the rib eye only comes in 500g minimums, most of which would be bone, they had no fillet (at 7pm on a Saturday) and so our choice was only 250g flank steak and the sirloin (which the waiter couldn't push enough!). They also recommended to cook rare. This was a mistake. It was tough, chewy, sinewy and difficult to cut, chew and swallow. An excellent quality fillet rare is fine, but sirloin? No. They then brought our steaks out minus our sides which had been incorrectly delivered to the table next to us. We then had to wait for new sides whilst the 'main event' went cold. We complained and were offered a free dessert and coffees which is why I haven't given them one star, but two. How the documentary on Netflix, 'Steak Revolution' came up with the conclusion that this meat was better than The Ginger Pig / Hawksmoor, is a mystery on par with the Pyramids of Egypt! Avoid, avoid, avoid. And don't say you weren't warned if you go!

Pierre M.
目前為1 篇食評 2
12.02.2017 23:26

When you promote a venue as the only place in the U.K to sell the best steak in the world you should be able to not run out of ALL of it! We came for that reason and ended up with Razor Clams... Those Clams came up still fool of sand and after complaining to the manager he answered that it is impossible to get rid of all of it. Well it is actually! I'm myself a restaurant manager that sells Clams and weirdly enough we manage to serve it without sand. And then the £17 beef tartare... Witch is not made fresh, witch is badly seasoned and really small. After once again complaining to the manager, the plate got taken away and came back 5minutes later, the exact same one, with a dressing on the side that was apparently the reason of the poor taste. We were really happy to learn they also know why it doesn't taste right! Maybe you should remove it from the recipe? To be fair the manager did discount fully the Clams, weirdly charged for the tartare and was apologetic. Basically we were really excited to try the amazing product they apparently sell and we left really disappointed

Steven L.
目前為1 篇食評 6
12.03.2017 12:01

We had a wonderful meal. The service was excellent throughout and the flavours and quality of the food were superb. A fantastic lovely evening. The atmosphere was excellent and a really good relaxed and enjoyable vibe. Some of the dishes were stand out. Sashimi stater was amazing. Saw another table share a rib of beef which looked amazing. Can't wait to return and try this!!

Carolyn H.
目前為1 篇食評 6
31.07.2016 08:48

Excellent grill, starters varied and well presented, good puddings. Service very attentive . Can't fault this place. If I have one small complaint it was that the music was a bit loud at times. I would go for a table at the side rather than down the middle.

Chris B.
目前為1 篇食評 2
13.04.2017 16:01

Ordered a steak shown on the menu, was told it was only available in larger size enough for three people. Changed request to a burger, was told they could not serve it rare! This is supposed to be a restaurant specializing in meat, yet they cannot vouch for their meat to the extent of serving it rare... Made the booking through Taste Card (which clearly shows that Sunday bookings are acceptable), and which was confirmed by email yet when it came to pay, they insisted that the card could not be accepted on a Sunday. After arguing with the Manager for 20 minutes and showing him the website which clearly shows only Friday and Saturday are not valid for the card, he grudgingly gave us the discount. Not surprised the place was empty except for one other table; NEVER going back.

Kylie H.
目前為2 篇食評 3
16.02.2017 08:40

Came for the "best meat in the world" and all they could offer us was a 3.29kg steak (for a party of 2) as they were still waiting on their shipment from Spain. So so disappointed as we were there to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday and Chelsea wasn't particularly close for us to get to. Managed to have the Jose Gordon meat for entree (steak tartare and beef carpaccio) which were great, but couldn't make up for going all that way and not being able to have the steak (which they pride themselves on).

Sabina J.
目前為1 篇食評 6
24.08.2016 19:44

Awesome staff, especially the Polish bartender - very knowledgeable and entertaining, he did for us a true show! We also appreciated the fact that the staff let us stay after the place was closed so we could enjoyed the drinks. Thank you for a great evening!

Matthew B.
目前為1 篇食評 4
12.12.2016 10:29

Fun place. Sense of occasion without being too precious. Great staff. Confusing menu - leading to us spending an immoral amount of money on a fairly small amount of meat. Partly our fault; we weren't conned, we were just not concentrating and the way the menu worked was confusing / unusual enough to catch us out.

kate h.
目前為1 篇食評 4
01.05.2016 17:32

Wonderful surroundings, great staff, great overall idea, food took a long time to come but was all good apart from really disappointing mussels, very odd taste, which we told the staff, but no remedial reaction! A shame and not good for a new restaurant, but please be good, we need it in this area.

Emily M.
目前為1 篇食評 5
09.07.2016 23:07

The room is beautiful. The service is great. But either the portions have to grow or the prices have to shrink and I think it is the latter. Saturday lunchtime was pretty empty. Maybe they should have a set menu of some kind.

Precious B.
目前為2 篇食評 4
29.02.2016 00:19

The food was OK and the staff were attentive. It eould have been nice to have been able to use my taste card, being as I wasn't explicitly told it could be used on a Sunday even though I put it on my booking. But nonetheless, food was still good.

Milena R.
目前為1 篇食評 6
27.03.2016 23:43

We visited for Easter lunch. The menu provides a vast selection and food was very, very good. Also, the staff is super nice and kind. The storytelling in the restrooms is very funny.

Marco C.
目前為1 篇食評 6
27.10.2016 09:40

Great restaurant, delicious food, efficient and friendly staff. Having both a restaurant and a bar upstairs makes it ideal for whatever one's mood - be it chillout, dinner etc. A fun night out.

Andrew M.
目前為1 篇食評 5
07.08.2016 11:36

Excellent food. Service was a little fragmented. For example, waitress challenged us on how to cook the food and then had to ask for the bill twice. Drinks also took a longer time than expected to be delivered.

Max R.
目前為1 篇食評 6
15.02.2017 13:08

Great experience for valentines. Faultless. Good pricing, good customer service. Will for sure be back soon! Had a lovely night and it helps that its so local to my house

Jack F.
目前為1 篇食評 6
07.02.2017 09:05

Great range of fish and meat, different menu to what you will find elsewhere, I was unlucky with waiter as made mistake but were very apologetic so highly recommend.

Richard N.
目前為1 篇食評 2
14.05.2017 10:53

It's a scruffy pub at the dodgy end of Kings Road. Don't go expecting the worlds best steak to have nice surroundings. Staff were useless - they poured food all over our table at one point; dumped the steaks on our table and didn't understand that one was cooked rare and one medium rare, weren't nice to deal with etc. The pub was filled with people in tracksuits etc. The steak itself was nice - although most of it wasn't available despite being on the menu.

Marcus N.
目前為1 篇食評 6
26.03.2017 14:42

Good no nonsense food with a little something to make it a special and enjoyable experience. Big windows letting in lots of light and friendly and accommodating staff.

Ivor P.
目前為1 篇食評 6
28.02.2016 22:05

Excellent food. Attentive service. Pleasant, friendly atmosphere. I will make a point of going there again and recommend to my friends. And the prices were reasonable for Chelsea.

annabelle f.
目前為1 篇食評 6
30.01.2017 12:24

Great place, good food, good service and wonderful bar upstairs with outdoor space for drinks post dinner. Beautifully decorated as well. Can't wait to go back again.

Rachael W.
目前為3 篇食評 6
18.09.2016 09:13

Excellent food and great ambiance. A wonderful selection of locally sourced fish and meat and a great drinks menu. Would definitely recommend for a mid week dinner

Dan D.
目前為1 篇食評 6
12.01.2017 20:30

Great service, great steak! We got the 1kg steak rib eye, and every bite tastes different, it was unreal. Thank you! We will be back soon.

Lily B.
目前為1 篇食評 6
09.02.2017 21:38

Absolutely amazing service. All the staff went above and beyond the call of duty, were incredibly polite and knowledgeable. The food was fantastic - great steak.

Paula F.
目前為1 篇食評 5
18.02.2017 23:25

Amazing dishes. However, the menu choices were limited due to the fact that some of them were only available for a minimum quantity ordered, which could be mentioned on the menu.

Jeremy C.
目前為1 篇食評 5
07.05.2017 21:49

Lovely, knowledgable staff, great quality food and attentive service. Had a tricolor of Sashimi to start and a rib eye for the main. The Truffle chips are sublime! Will definitely return.

Anthony J.
目前為1 篇食評 5
04.06.2016 08:52

Wonderful fresh ingredients, all cooked beautifully. Staff are always very welcoming and attentive. Relaxed and laid back dinning. Just what this area of Chelsea/Fulham needs. Must be tried to be believed.

Jeanie H.
目前為1 篇食評 5
14.07.2016 07:09

Good buzz, friendly staff, very good food and great venue. Very fresh fish and the octopus was perfectly cooked. An excellent local restaurant - sorry not to have discovered it before

Melanie P.
目前為1 篇食評 6
06.05.2016 10:31

Our waiter was fantastic last night. Knowledgeable and friendly. The food was delicious. Cocktails great. lovely night. . . . . . . . .

Ellie K.
目前為1 篇食評 5
10.05.2017 09:29

Good food, good wine and good service! I would advise going in a big groups so you can order the Spanish cuts. Plus would recommend the popup cocktail bar underneath.

Agnes D.
目前為1 篇食評 6
30.01.2017 10:08

Amazing food, great service and lovely wine and cocktails. Great spot for lunch or dinner. We had fish and oysters which were great. Must visit

Maria S.
目前為1 篇食評 5
11.09.2016 19:13

Delicious food. A bit of a long wait at the end of lunch for kids' scoops of icecream which were melting when they arrived. Other than that a good experience.

Rebecca P.
目前為1 篇食評 6
28.08.2016 12:16

Friendly service. Delicious food. All in a great venue, buried away in Chelsea so not too hectic. Highly recommend the steaks - cooked to perfection.

Antonino D.
目前為1 篇食評 6
27.08.2016 11:57

Never disappoints! We had a very nice cut of meet accompanied with delicious sauces and truffle fries. The wine was also very nice. Highly recommended.

Lydia P.
目前為1 篇食評 5
16.07.2016 12:51

The food was excellent and the staff was extremely helpful and enthusiastic which was a breath of fresh air. A real delight .I will definitely be going back again soon.

Steve H.
目前為1 篇食評 5
13.07.2016 08:58

Good looking place. Guy on the door was cool. Our waiter a bit hit and miss. Food was good - octopus and salmon & seabass carpaccio in particular

Federica C.
目前為1 篇食評 5
13.11.2016 16:46

The atmosphere is very nice. The service of the food was a bit slow but the food was great! I'll come back for sure to try ALC menu!

Beth P.
目前為2 篇食評 5
12.03.2017 07:56

Great food and great vibe. Would definitely return. Perfect neighborhood spot for a group and the food lends itself to sharing. Al of us had a good night!

Sagar P.
目前為1 篇食評 4
11.12.2016 09:47

The food was great but the evening slightly ruined by London traffic which meant we were late by 15mins and subsequently could not enjoy a three course meal due to the 2hr table reservation policy.

Elisabet H.
目前為1 篇食評 5
02.03.2016 08:46

Great interior and lovely food. Service good too - recommend it! Perfect lunch place when shopping in Kings Road (slightly off the beaten track, which is good)

Karen D.
目前為2 篇食評 5
20.02.2017 10:06

Food was very good. I had sea bass and boyfriend had lobster, both cooked perfectly. Sides good too. Atmosphere nice and waitstaff very nice and attentive.

Virginie D.
目前為1 篇食評 5
06.11.2016 09:50

Great food, lovely atmosphere, service was a little slow. Would definitely recommend for lunch and dinner. Very relaxed on weekend lunches and also good for families.

Hayley K.
目前為1 篇食評 5
18.11.2016 09:43

Most enjoyable. My mum and i enjoyed the food and the ambience. The wine was nice and the service was excellent. Would definitely returns. Thanks

Paul G.
目前為1 篇食評 5
15.01.2017 00:43

Great food and service. Background music slightly high but not enough to ruin a great evening. We will be back. Thanks all for.your super steak.

Lara D.
目前為1 篇食評 4
04.11.2016 08:44

Lovely restaurant and ambiance. Very good value for money if using a Taste card. Interesting menu, plates nicely put together but was a little underwhelmed by quality of food/flavours.

Lewis C.
目前為1 篇食評 3
07.05.2016 00:03

This place has some amazing dishes; fish in particular. I've been a couple of times in the past and had some really nice grilled fish. But tonight was disappointing. Not terrible, but a bit bland and mediocre.