Cantonese Restaurants in Hong Kong

 Hong Kong's Cantonese restaurants

Perfected over centuries, Cantonese cuisine is at the heart of Hong Kong's culinary scene. No wonder then, that Hong Kong boasts numerous fine Cantonese restaurants, including many Michelin-starred gems. But a Cantonese meal isn't just about the food: it's also about rich, colourful décor and round tables heaped with serving bowls, which create a feeling of shared intimacy. Whether you're in the mood for a casual lunch or a celebratory banquet, Quandoo has great Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong for you to check out.

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    Signature dishes to try at Hong Kong's Cantonese restaurants

    Most Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong base their menus around hearty broths and dishes of rice and noodles, while others such as Hei Pot in Tsim Sha Sui specialise in rich, filling hotpots. A staple ingredient of many signature mains, chicken is featured with Shaoxing wine and served cold in a dish called drunken chicken at Celebrity Cuisine in Sheung Wan. Another poultry-based recommendation at this joint is the bird’s nest stuffed in chicken wing, or go for the the stuffed whole duck stuffed if you’re feeling indulgent.
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    Seafood choices galore at Hong Kong's Cantonese restaurants

    Hong Kong's Cantonese restaurants are also known for their quality of seafood. Places such as Ming Fun in Sai Ying Pun grill a mouthwateringly fresh catch of the day with steamed vegetables and a savoury sauce. But if you’re looking for other exquisite delicacies, the Sportful Garden restaurant chain rustles up the likes of braised sea cucumber, steamed conch with ash gourd, as well as toothsome abalone and bean curd rolls. Browse Quandoo for more Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong and take your pick from its extensive menus on offer.
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    Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong for vegetarians

    Even if you don’t eat meat, there’s plenty for you to partake in at Hong Kong’s Cantonese restaurants. Begin with a starter of steamed corn, egg rolls or preserved cucumbers before moving onto a main of steamed aubergine with mixed veggies or tofu in black bean sauce. As you might have gathered, steaming is one of the key methods of preparing vegetables in Cantonese cuisine. Not only does this result in tasty fare, it's also a nutritious way of cooking, making Cantonese vegetarian dishes an excellent choice for the healthy eater.