Mexican Restaurants in Hong Kong

 Hong Kong’s Mexican restaurants add spice to the city</i>

Hong Kong is known for its culinary scene, which attracts famous chefs from around the world keen to open up restaurants. A foodie paradise, the city boasts restaurants ranging from high-end bistros and fine dining establishments to hole-in-the-wall fast food eateries and much more. There are restaurants to match every budget here, so whether you’re a starving artist or a world-travelling business executive, you’re in luck if you live in Hong Kong. Mexican restaurants are spreading like wildfire around the city, with everything from Tex-Mex to authentic Oaxacan represented. It doesn’t matter if you like nachos covered with cheese or you prefer something a little more traditional, there’s a Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong with something for you.

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Tequila on Davis

Tequila on Davis

Kennedy Town
Andy's Garage

Andy's Garage

Tai Hang
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    What you’ll find in Hong Kong’s Mexican restaurants

    Hong Kong’s Mexican restaurants can compete with some of the world’s finest. Some stay true to tradition, while others mix things up with fusion-inspired dishes that add pizzazz to an already exciting cuisine. Just about everyone loves a good burrito, and in the Mexican restaurants of Hong Kong you can expect to find this famous dish with fillings like pulled pork, beef, chicken and vegetables. Vegetarians are usually well looked after at Hong Kong’s Mexican restaurants and can usually find options made with tofu, seitan, or simply vegetables with beans and rice – a combination of brown rice and beans contains all necessary essential amino acids for creating a complete protein, after all – on the menu. Another unique vegetarian option you might find at the Mexican restaurants in Hong Kong is called nopales, a type of cactus that’s delicious when cooked and a popular option among veggie lovers.
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    Bottoms up! Drinking at Hong Kong’s Mexican restaurants

    In addition to fabulous food, Hong Kong’s Mexican restaurants also serve up traditional drinks. Love it or hate it, tequila is one distilled beverage that packs a punch. Made from the blue agave plant, tequila has been in production since the 16th century in the Mexican state of Jalisco. When it comes to drinking tequila, most people are either repulsed by it or a huge fan, with no in-between. A margarita, however, can mask the strong flavour of tequila with its tart, citrusy flavour. Almost every Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong has its own signature margaritas, some of which are made with extra flavours like strawberry and peach. Take your margarita the old-fashioned way (over ice), or order yours frozen – watch out for brainfreeze! Of course, if you’re not crazy about margaritas, you can also enjoy Mexican beers, perfect for washing down whatever tasty Mexican dish you choose.
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    Haven’t found the perfect Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong? Let us help

    If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of Mexican restaurants in Hong Kong, you’re in luck. At Quandoo, we love a good plate of tacos, and a burrito every now and then is just what the doctor ordered. So next time you’re on the hunt for great Mexican food, check out our collection of Mexican restaurants in Hong Kong. We’ve got something for budgets big and small, with restaurants all over the city from Causeway Bay to Kowloon and everywhere else in between. Narrow down your search and filter by price range, location, cuisine and rating. Leave a review and let your voice be heard! Download the app and find Hong Kong’s best restaurants with just a few taps of a finger.